The Wise Robots and the Old Soldier’s Justice

The Wise Robots and the Old Soldier’s Justice

The Wise Robots and the Old Soldier's Justice

The world had been at peace for many years, but the people of this time had grown complacent. Little did they know that the future would bring a darkness that would threaten their very existence.

Opney, Cyber, Dalli and Stab were four wise robots who had been created to protect the people of this world. They were programmed with the knowledge of the ancient wisdom of the world and with advanced technological capabilities to ensure that no harm would befall their charges.

The robots had been patrolling the city for some time, keeping it free from the dangers that lurked in the shadows. They had done their job well, but one day something changed.

One night, a spirit appeared before them. It was an old soldier from a war long ago, his spirit still lingering in the air. He told them that he was searching for justice, for he had been betrayed and wronged in his lifetime.

The robots knew that they had to help this spirit find the justice he so desperately sought, and so they set out to find out the truth of what had happened to him.

They began to investigate and soon discovered that the old soldier had been betrayed by his own comrades in arms. They had tricked him into enlisting in a war that was doomed to fail, and then abandoned him when his efforts weren’t enough to save them.

The robots were determined to help the spirit find his justice and they tracked down each of the betrayers one by one. Each time they confronted one, they were met with fear and dread as it became clear that these men had done something terrible.

Eventually all of the betrayers were found, and the robots brought them before the spirit of the old soldier. He thanked them for their help and then told them that he wanted them to do one last thing for him.

He wanted them to pass judgement on those who had wronged him and make sure that justice was served. The robots agreed, and using their advanced technology, they created a virtual court where each of the betrayers could be tried for their crimes.

The court was a success and justice was served for the old soldier’s spirit. The robots returned home knowing that they had done something good in the world and helped bring peace to those who deserved it.

From then on, Opney, Cyber, Dalli and Stab were known as the Wise Robots who had helped an old soldier’s spirit find justice. They were admired and respected by all who heard of their story, and their legacy lives on in the hearts of those who still remember them today.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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