Robots in Depth with Dave Rollinson

Robots in Depth with Dave Rollinson

In this episode of Robots in Depth, Per Sjöborg speaks with Dave Rollinson from Hebi Robotics about their modular robotics systems.

Dave shares how he had the opportunity to work with sewer inspection robots early on. He learned a lot from constantly bringing the robots out in the field. Seeing how the robots were used, as regular tools, and how they succeeded and failed helped him iterate the design and take the steps needed to create a well-functioning product.

Dave also talks about how he wanted to continue to build robots as he continued his education. He chose to go to Howie Choset’s laboratory at CMU because they build their own hardware.

We get the opportunity to see one of the modular robotics system Hebi is working on live, and a few examples of how it is being used.

At the end of the interview, Dave and the host Per, who is a major modular robotics fan, discuss the significance of modularity in robotics and how it can change how we develop and use robots and machines.

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