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The Blade of New Stellis City

The Blade of New Stellis City

I slipped my hand into the pocket of my worn-out trench coat, feeling the comforting weight of the knife nestled within. It had become an extension of me, a silent partner in the dangerous world I navigated with caution. The streets of New Stellis City were a merciless playground, teeming with neon lights, towering skyscrapers, and the stench of desperation. In this cyberpunk metropolis, where technology and corruption intertwined, survival required more than just street smarts; it demanded cunning and a willingness to get your hands dirty.

It all began when a mysterious client approached me. His voice disguised through a voice modulator, he offered an exorbitant sum for a job that piqued my curiosity. He had hired me to retrieve a data chip stolen by a notorious gang known as the Black Ravens. Little did I know that this assignment would plunge me into the darkest depths of New Stellis City’s underbelly.

As I made my way to the address he provided, the rain cascaded down in sheets, washing away the filth momentarily but failing to cleanse the city’s sins. The building loomed before me, an abandoned warehouse at the edge of the city’s industrial sector. I could hear distant sirens wailing, blending with the symphony of gunshots and screeching tires that echoed through the night.

I cautiously stepped inside, my senses on high alert. The interior was dimly lit by flickering fluorescent bulbs, casting eerie shadows across graffiti-covered walls. The air hung heavy with tension, as if it were electrified by the imminent violence that lingered in every corner.

A metallic clatter disrupted the suffocating silence, and I instinctively reached for my knife. The sound came from an adjacent room, where a group of Black Ravens members were gathered around a table strewn with guns and drugs. Their faces were etched with scars and tattoos, a reflection of their chaotic existence. I had stumbled upon their hideout, my instincts leading me closer to the truth.

Keeping my movements fluid, I stealthily crept towards them. They were engrossed in their conversation, oblivious to the presence of an unwanted guest. The data chip was nowhere in sight, but I knew it had to be here, hidden away from prying eyes.

Just as I was about to make my move, an abrupt crash filled the air. The door behind me was kicked open, revealing another gang, the Chrome Serpents, armed to the teeth. The room transformed into a battleground, bullets whizzing past my head as I ducked behind a dilapidated crate.

The gunfight escalated into a chaotic frenzy, each gang fighting for control over the precious data chip. The warehouse became a warzone, a testament to the desperation that drove these criminals. In the midst of the chaos, I maneuvered through the frenzied crossfire like a shadow, observing their every move with razor-sharp focus.

I spotted an opportunity when one of the Black Ravens’ leaders, a towering figure named Razor, emerged from the fray clutching the data chip in his metal hand. His cybernetic enhancements made him a formidable opponent, but they also made him vulnerable. As he gloated over his prize, I seized my chance.

With swift precision, I launched myself at Razor, my knife gleaming in the dim light. He turned just in time to see me coming, his eyes widening in surprise. The blade sank deep into his side, sending a jolt of satisfaction through me. But my triumph was short-lived.

Razor retaliated with a vicious blow, sending me sprawling across the room. Pain seared through my body as I crashed into a pile of crates, the impact knocking the wind out of me. Blood trickled from my wounds as the fight raged on above me, the gunshots and explosions melding into a symphony of violence.

Summoning every ounce of strength, I staggered to my feet, my vision blurred but my determination unwavering. I couldn’t let the data chip fall into the wrong hands. With renewed resolve, I lunged back into the fray, darting between bullets and bodies. The chaos served as my ally, concealing my movements as I closed in on Razor once again.

This time, there was no hesitation. I struck with all the fury I could muster, my knife finding its mark in his cybernetic arm. The blade severed circuits and wires, rendering his arm useless as he screamed in agony. With a final push, I wrestled the data chip from his grasp, clutching it tightly to my chest.

The gunfire continued to echo through the warehouse, the dwindling numbers of both gangs locked in a desperate struggle for supremacy. I knew my escape would be treacherous, but I had come too far to turn back now. With a burst of adrenaline-fueled determination, I fought my way through the carnage, dodging bullets and bodies with a grace born of survival.

Finally, I burst through the warehouse doors and into the rain-soaked night. The city stretched before me, a sprawling maze of neon lights and shattered dreams. As I disappeared into the shadows, I couldn’t help but wonder if my actions would make a difference in this cesspool of corruption.

I found solace in the weight of the data chip against my chest. It held secrets that could expose the city’s darkest secrets, its very existence a threat to those who thrived in the shadows. With my knife still clutched tightly in my hand, I knew that my journey had only just begun. In this cyberpunk dystopia, where danger lurked around every corner, I would continue to fight, guided by the glimmer of hope that still burned within me.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

Whispers of Madness

Whispers of Madness

Darkness. That’s all I see. Darkness, and the haunting whispers that echo through the corridors of my mind. I can feel them clawing at the edges of my sanity, threatening to consume me whole. It all began with a science experiment gone horribly wrong, one that unleashed a madness so profound, it seeped into the very fabric of reality itself.

I was just an ordinary man, plagued by ordinary fears, until that fateful day when I stumbled upon Dr. Hartmann’s laboratory. The rumors had always swirled around him – whispers of forbidden knowledge and unspeakable experiments. They said he had unlocked the secrets of the human mind, delving into depths too horrifying for mortal comprehension.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, I couldn’t resist the urge to explore what lay behind those ominous metal doors. The moment I stepped inside, I knew I had crossed a threshold into a realm where reason and logic held no dominion. The air was thick with a palpable tension, a foreboding sense of impending doom.

Rows upon rows of glass containers lined the walls, each housing a twisted abomination that defied all laws of nature. Limbs fused together, eyes where they shouldn’t be, ungodly amalgamations of flesh and bone. But it wasn’t just the grotesque visages that sent shivers down my spine; it was the knowledge that these abominations were once human, victims of Dr. Hartmann’s insidious experiments.

As I ventured deeper into the labyrinthine corridors of the laboratory, the whispers grew louder, more insistent. They slithered through the cracks in my mind, taunting me with secrets too terrible to bear. Yet, I pressed on, fueled by a morbid fascination that defied reason.

In the heart of the laboratory, I discovered Dr. Hartmann’s most audacious creation – a machine capable of altering the very fabric of reality. He called it the Reality Oscillator, a device that could bend the laws of physics to his twisted will. It was the culmination of years of unholy research, a Pandora’s Box waiting to be opened.

Driven by madness or perhaps a subconscious desire to uncover the truth, I activated the Reality Oscillator. The room trembled, and a blinding light consumed my vision. When it faded, I found myself trapped in a world of my own making, a nightmare realm where horror lurked around every corner.

In this twisted reality, the laws of nature were nothing but playthings for my tortured mind. Shadows danced with malicious intent, objects defied gravity, and time became a mere construct to taunt my fragmented sanity. I was trapped in an eternal loop of nightmarish visions, each more terrifying than the last.

But it wasn’t just the external horrors that tormented me. No, the true terror lay within the deepest recesses of my own mind. Thoughts and memories twisted and warped, whispering their malevolent secrets. They took on tangible form, manifesting as grotesque apparitions that haunted every waking moment.

The line between reality and delusion blurred until I could no longer distinguish one from the other. Faces I once knew warped into grotesque masks of despair, their hollow eyes staring into the abyss of my soul. I was trapped in a maze of my own creation, where every path led to madness.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and still, I remained trapped in that nightmarish realm. The whispers grew louder, their chaotic chorus drowning out any semblance of rational thought. I tried to escape, clawing at the walls of my own mind, but there was no respite from the relentless onslaught.

And then, just as I had resigned myself to an eternity of torment, a faint glimmer of hope appeared on the horizon. A flicker of light in the darkness, beckoning me towards salvation. It was Dr. Hartmann himself, battered and broken, but still clinging to a sliver of his former brilliance.

He had realized the magnitude of his mistake, the horrors unleashed upon the world by his insatiable curiosity. Together, we embarked on a perilous journey to reverse the effects of the Reality Oscillator, to close the rift between dimensions and restore balance to the universe.

But the path to redemption was treacherous, littered with the remnants of Dr. Hartmann’s twisted experiments. Each step brought us closer to the heart of darkness, where the very essence of madness awaited us. Shadows shifted, walls closed in, and the whispers grew deafening.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, we reached the chamber housing the Reality Oscillator. The air crackled with raw energy, a maelstrom of chaos waiting to be unleashed. Dr. Hartmann’s trembling hand hovered over the control panel, a mix of fear and determination etched on his face.

With a final, desperate push, Dr. Hartmann deactivated the Reality Oscillator. The world around us shook, reality itself convulsing as it struggled to regain its equilibrium. And then, as suddenly as it had begun, it was over. The darkness receded, replaced by a profound silence.

I found myself standing in Dr. Hartmann’s laboratory once more, but it was no longer a place of nightmares. The twisted abominations that had once haunted my every waking moment were gone, replaced by empty glass containers. The air was heavy with a sense of loss and regret, a reminder of the atrocities committed in the name of science.

As for me, I emerged from that ordeal forever changed. The whispers still lingered at the edge of my mind, a constant reminder of the horrors I had witnessed. But I had gained a newfound strength, a resilience born from surviving the darkest recesses of my own consciousness.

Some say that curiosity killed the cat, but for me, it merely unleashed a darkness that threatened to consume me whole. It was a journey into madness, where the boundaries of science and the human mind became blurred. And though I had escaped with my life, I would forever bear the scars of that harrowing experience, a constant reminder of the fragility of the human psyche.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

Agnes the Witch: A Tale of Heroism and Mischief

Agnes the Witch: A Tale of Heroism and Mischief

In the whimsical land of Fantasia, where magic thrived and creatures of myth roamed freely, there lived a witch named Agnes. She was no ordinary witch, mind you. Agnes had a peculiar talent for turning people into frogs and then back into humans again, just for the fun of it. She had a mischievous glint in her eyes and a cackling laugh that could send shivers down your spine.

Now, Agnes wasn’t your typical old hag with a crooked nose and warts all over her face. No, she took pride in her appearance. She had luscious raven-black hair that cascaded down her back, flawless porcelain skin, and piercing green eyes that sparkled like emeralds. She wore a long, flowing robe made of the finest silk, adorned with intricate patterns of mystical symbols.

Agnes lived in a quaint cottage nestled deep within the Enchanted Forest. The cottage had a life of its own, with walls that changed color depending on Agnes’ mood. One day, the cottage might be a vibrant shade of purple, and the next it would be a deep shade of blue. It was as if the house had a personality all its own.

One sunny morning, as Agnes sipped her steaming cup of herbal tea, she received a special visitor. A talking squirrel named Nutsy scurried into her cottage, panting heavily.

“Agnes! You won’t believe what I just witnessed in the neighboring kingdom of Cackleberry!” Nutsy exclaimed, out of breath.

Agnes raised an eyebrow, intrigued by Nutsy’s frantic demeanor. “Pray tell, my dear Nutsy. What has ruffled your fluffy tail feathers?”

Nutsy took a moment to catch his breath before blurting out, “The wicked sorcerer Malachi has kidnapped the kingdom’s beloved princess, Princess Petunia! He plans to use her as a sacrifice for a dark ritual that will grant him ultimate power!”

Agnes gasped, nearly spilling her tea. “Well, we can’t have that now, can we? Fear not, Nutsy, my furry friend. Agnes the witch shall save the day!”

Before setting out to rescue Princess Petunia, Agnes gathered her trusty broomstick and her enchanted crystal ball, which allowed her to see into the past, present, and even the future. With her faithful squirrel companion perched on her shoulder, Agnes soared through the skies towards the wicked wizard’s lair.

As they approached Malachi’s ominous tower, Agnes cast a spell of invisibility upon herself and Nutsy. They crept through the tower’s corridors, avoiding Malachi’s minions who were too busy arguing over who had eaten the last donut.

Finally, they reached the tower’s peak, where Princess Petunia was held captive. Agnes peered through the keyhole and saw Malachi performing his dark ritual, his sinister laughter echoing through the room.

With nimble fingers, Agnes brewed a potion using ingredients she had gathered on her journey. She sprinkled it on the door lock, causing it to rust and crumble away. The door swung open silently, revealing the unsuspecting sorcerer.

“Malachi!” Agnes bellowed dramatically, pointing her finger at him. “Release the princess or face my wrath!”

Startled, Malachi turned around and saw Agnes standing there, a mischievous smile playing on her lips. “You dare challenge me, witch? Prepare to meet your doom!”

But before Malachi could cast a single spell, Nutsy leaped off Agnes’ shoulder and attacked him ferociously. The squirrel’s tiny teeth sank into the sorcerer’s robes, distracting him long enough for Agnes to work her magic.

With a flick of her wrist, she cast a spell that sent Malachi sprawling to the ground, his powers weakened. Princess Petunia was free at last, her eyes filled with grateful tears.

“Oh, noble witch, thank you for rescuing me!” Petunia exclaimed, hugging Agnes tightly. “You truly are a hero.”

Agnes blushed modestly and replied, “Oh, it was nothing, my dear princess. Just another day in the life of Agnes the witch.”

And so, Agnes returned to her tranquil cottage in the Enchanted Forest, basking in the glory of her heroic deeds. From that day forward, the people of Fantasia hailed her as a legend, and children would listen to tales of her bravery around campfires.

Never again would anyone doubt the power of a witch. And never again would anyone underestimate the mischievousness of Agnes and her insatiable appetite for turning people into frogs, just for the fun of it.

And so, dear reader, remember this cautionary tale: If you ever cross paths with a witch named Agnes, be sure to tread carefully and keep your wits about you. For you never know when you might find yourself face-to-face with a cackling witch who can turn you into a frog with a flick of her wrist.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Electric Opium: A Cyberpunk Heist in Neo-Tokyo

The Electric Opium: A Cyberpunk Heist in Neo-Tokyo

I stumble through the neon-lit streets of Neo-Tokyo, my senses dulled by the intoxicating haze of synthetic whiskey. The flickering holographic billboards reflect off the rain-soaked pavement, distorting reality into a kaleidoscope of vivid colors. I’m just another lost soul in this sprawling metropolis, trying to escape the crushing weight of my own existence.

The world around me pulsates with life, a symphony of whirring hovercars, blaring sirens, and the distant hum of a million conversations. Towering skyscrapers dominate the horizon, their glass facades mirroring the desperation and desire that permeate this techno-dystopia.

I sway into a dimly lit alley, seeking solace in the shadows. The rain taps against the metal grates above me, creating a soothing rhythm that echoes in my muddled mind. A flickering neon sign catches my bleary gaze, its vibrant letters spelling out “The Electric Opium.” It’s a dive bar frequented by outcasts and misfits, a place where reality is distorted and secrets are traded like precious commodities.

I push open the heavy door, revealing a smoky room bathed in crimson hues. The air is thick with the smell of stale cigarettes and desperation. The patrons huddle in corners, their augmented limbs glinting under the subdued lighting. I make my way to the bar, my footsteps uncertain but determined.

The bartender, a wiry man with cybernetic eyes, glances at me with a mix of curiosity and disdain. His voice cuts through the haze as he asks, “What’s your poison?”

“Whiskey,” I slur, my words barely escaping my lips.

He pours me a glass, the amber liquid swirling in hypnotic patterns. I down it in one gulp, relishing the burning sensation that courses through my veins. The alcohol warms me from the inside, momentarily numbing the pain that haunts my every waking moment.

As I nurse my second glass, a figure slides onto the stool next to me. He wears a sleek black trench coat that billows around him like a dark cloud. His face is obscured by cybernetic implants, a glimmering visage that screams danger and mystery.

“I hear you’re in the market for some high-stakes action,” he says, his voice a seductive whisper.

My foggy mind struggles to comprehend his words, but the promise of escape lures me into his web. “What’s the catch?”

The stranger grins, revealing a row of gleaming metallic teeth. “I need someone with your unique talents. A man who can navigate the darkest corners of cyberspace and emerge unscathed.”

“Cyberspace?” I scoff, my inebriated confidence surfacing. “That’s just a playground for those with more metal than flesh.”

He leans in closer, his augmented eyes glinting with a dangerous intensity. “There’s a fortune to be made, if you’re willing to take the risk. A heist like no other, targeting the most powerful corporation in Neo-Tokyo.”

My curiosity gets the better of me, and I raise an eyebrow. “You have my attention. What’s the plan?”

The stranger leans back, exhaling a cloud of vapor. “We break into NeoCorp’s secure data vaults. They’ve been hoarding forbidden knowledge, secrets that could change the balance of power in this city. It won’t be easy, but the payoff is immeasurable.”

A surge of adrenaline courses through my veins, momentarily sobering me. The opportunity to leave my drab existence behind and become a legend in the underbelly of Neo-Tokyo is too tempting to resist. I nod, determination etching itself onto my face.

“Count me in,” I say, my voice surprisingly steady.

The stranger smirks, extending a gloved hand towards me. “Welcome to the heist of a lifetime.”

Days blur into nights as we dive deeper into the abyss of our audacious plan. The city becomes our playground, our every move calculated and precise. We gather our motley crew of misfits, each with their own set of skills and cybernetic enhancements. Together, we are an unstoppable force, a glitch in the system that threatens to bring NeoCorp to its knees.

The night of the heist arrives, rain pouring from the heavens like tears of a vengeful god. We infiltrate NeoCorp’s sprawling headquarters, our footsteps silenced by advanced cloaking technology. The security systems are formidable, but we are shadows in the dark, slipping through the cracks of their impenetrable fortress.

As we reach the heart of the building, the vault looms before us like a mythical beast. Its impenetrable walls are lined with layers of encryption, each one more complex than the last. But we have an ace up our sleeves—a brilliant hacker known only as “Spectre.”

Spectre connects to the mainframe, his fingers dancing across a holographic keyboard with unparalleled dexterity. Lines of code flicker across his augmented reality visor, a mesmerizing display of digital mastery. Bit by bit, he dismantles the virtual defenses, his mind melding with the very fabric of cyberspace.

Time stands still as the vault door finally creaks open, revealing a treasure trove of forbidden knowledge. We step into the room, our breaths catching in awe at the sheer magnitude of our triumph. Data banks stretch as far as the eye can see, their blinking lights a testament to NeoCorp’s insidious secrets.

But our victory is short-lived as alarms blare throughout the building, red emergency lights casting an apocalyptic glow over our stolen spoils. We are surrounded by an army of security forces, their guns trained on us with deadly precision. The game is up.

In that moment of despair, a glimmer of hope emerges. Spectre taps into the security system, overriding their control with a flick of his wrist. The guards freeze in place, their cybernetic implants temporarily paralyzed.

We seize the opportunity, filling our bags with priceless data chips and prototypes. The weight of our ill-gotten gains threatens to break our backs, but we are invincible in this fleeting moment of rebellion.

With one final look back at the vault, I know that I have forever changed the course of my existence. I am no longer a drunken wanderer lost in the neon-lit streets. I am a thief, a harbinger of chaos in a world consumed by order.

As we disappear into the night, shadows embracing us like loyal companions, I can’t help but smile. Our heist may be over, but the legend of our audacious escapade will live on in the annals of Neo-Tokyo’s history.

The city pulses with renewed energy, its neon heart beating to the rhythm of rebellion. And somewhere in the depths of my cybernetically enhanced mind, I know that this is only the beginning.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Blind Surgeon’s Redemption

The Blind Surgeon's Redemption

I never asked for this darkness. This eternal void that haunts my every waking moment, twisting reality into a sinister nightmare. People often talk about fear as if it were an external force, something to be conquered or dismissed. But for me, fear is a constant companion, a merciless predator that feasts on my vulnerability.

I was not always blind. There was a time when the world was a vibrant tapestry of colors and shapes, when I could see the beauty of life with my own eyes. But fate had other plans for me, plans that unfolded in a cold operating room, under the sterile glare of fluorescent lights.

Dr. Vincent Blackwood was a renowned surgeon, known for his skillful hands and his relentless determination to push the boundaries of medical science. It was his reputation that led me to his doorstep, desperate for a solution to the degenerative eye disease that threatened to steal my sight.

The procedure was experimental, a last-ditch effort to save my vision. I placed my trust in Dr. Blackwood’s hands, unaware of the darkness that lurked within his soul. The operating table became my altar, and he, my merciless executioner.

As the anesthesia coursed through my veins, I drifted into a state of unconsciousness. It was in this twilight realm that I first encountered the horrors that awaited me. Shadows danced on the edges of my perception, whispers of forgotten nightmares echoing in the empty chambers of my mind.

When I awoke, I felt a searing pain in my eyes. Dr. Blackwood assured me that it was normal, that my vision would gradually return. But as the days turned into weeks and weeks into months, hope gave way to despair. My world plunged into eternal darkness.

Dr. Blackwood became more distant, his once calm demeanor morphing into something sinister. He claimed that the procedure had been successful, that my blindness was merely a temporary side effect. But his reassurances carried a hollow ring, a haunting melody that echoed with the weight of deceit.

I began to sense a presence in the darkness, a malevolent force that seemed to feed off my fear. Shadows twisted and writhed around me, whispering secrets too terrible to bear. It was as if the darkness itself had taken on a life of its own, entwining its sinister tendrils around my very soul.

Desperation drove me to seek answers, to uncover the truth behind my torment. I delved into Dr. Blackwood’s past, unearthing a trail of darkness that stretched back decades. Whispers of failed experiments and patients gone missing echoed through the corridors of the hospital.

The truth revealed itself in fragments, like shards of shattered glass cutting through my fragile sanity. Dr. Blackwood had dabbled in forbidden arts, drawing power from the depths of the occult to fuel his twisted experiments. He had made a pact with darkness, sacrificing innocent lives to satiate his insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, I confronted Dr. Blackwood in his lair. The operating room, once a symbol of hope and healing, now stood as a twisted shrine of madness. The walls were adorned with macabre artwork, preserved organs encased in glass like grotesque trophies.

Dr. Blackwood’s eyes glowed with a malevolent light as he advanced towards me, scalpel glinting in the dim light. He reveled in my suffering, relished in the power he held over me. But little did he know that within my blindness lay a strength he could never comprehend.

In the darkness, my senses had heightened, granting me an uncanny perception of the world around me. I could hear the soft rustle of his lab coat as he moved, the subtle shift in his breathing betraying his every move. With each step he took, I could see him more clearly than ever before.

With a surge of adrenaline, I lunged at him, my hands seeking purchase on his throat. Dr. Blackwood fought back, desperation etched across his face, but my blindness had become my greatest weapon. I sensed the subtle shifts in his weight, the tension in his muscles, and evaded his blows with a grace that defied reason.

In the end, it was not the darkness that consumed me, but the fire of revenge burning within my soul. Dr. Blackwood’s lifeless body lay sprawled on the cold operating table, his eyes staring into the void as if finally seeing the horrors he had unleashed.

But as I stood amidst the remnants of his dark empire, I knew that my battle was far from over. The darkness still clung to my existence, an inescapable part of who I had become. And so, I ventured into the unknown, a blind warrior armed with a newfound purpose – to face the horrors that lurked within the shadows and reclaim the light that had been stolen from me.

In the depths of darkness, where fear reigns supreme, a blind surgeon emerged as an unlikely hero. With each step forward, he defied the limits of his disability and embraced the terrifying unknown. And though his journey may be fraught with peril and unimaginable horrors, he would not rest until he had banished the darkness that had consumed his world.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

From Canva to Midjourney: Exploring AI’s Impact on Visual Content Creation

AI design tools are transforming the creative process, unlocking unprecedented potential for productivity and innovation. Imagine creating stunning visuals, presentations, and artwork with just a few clicks, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

As part of our ongoing series on AI productivity tools, we’ve already explored AI solutions for scheduling and task management, research, and personal assistance. Today, we dive into the world of AI-powered design and presentation software. In this installment, we’ll examine five leading tools: Canva, Adobe Photoshop,, Decktopus, and Midjourney.

We’ll uncover how these tools can elevate your creative projects by exploring their applications, AI features, and overall performance. From generating images and editing graphics to crafting entire presentations, these AI-driven solutions promise to make your design process faster, easier, and more effective than ever before.

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Top AI Design Tools

Let’s explore each of the five AI-powered design tools in detail. We’ll cover their applications, AI features, quality of generated visuals, flexibility, and pricing to help you understand how they can enhance your creative projects.


Canva is primarily a template-based design tool, recently enhanced with AI-powered features for media generation and editing.

Applications: Canva has a very wide range of applications, including presentations, social media posts, logos, documents like reports or resumes, videos, posters, flyers, and more.

AI Features: Canva allows you to generate media from text prompts, such as images, graphics, and videos. It also offers AI-powered editing tools, like background removal, specific parts editing, image expansion, and text editing within images.

AI design tool canva

Quality: The quality of Canva’s AI-generated images can be quite good if you have a general idea without needing anything specific. However, more advanced features, like logo generation and object replacement, often perform poorly, and AI video generation is still experimental and unreliable.

Flexibility: Canva is quite flexible when working with templates. While AI-powered features offer additional flexibility in theory, they do not yet work reliably enough for consistent use.

Pricing: The Canva Free plan provides access to most features for individual use. Canva Pro costs $12.99 per month or $119.99 per year, offering more AI tools, a larger template library, and 1TB of cloud storage, with a 30-day free trial available. The Canva Team plan, for a minimum of three people, costs $10 per person per month or $100 per person per year.

Overall, Canva’s combination of user-friendly design templates and emerging AI features makes it a valuable tool for a wide array of design tasks, though its advanced AI functionalities are still developing.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the leading design tools, renowned for its robust features that allow users to design and edit all kinds of images, protographs, graphics, illustrations, and more. While incredibly powerful and versatile, it is not as beginner-friendly as tools like Canva, requiring a steeper learning curve to master its extensive capabilities.

Applications: Photoshop has a wide range of applications, including illustrations and photographs for marketing, social media, and personal use. Its versatility makes it a preferred choice for professional designers and artists.

AI Features: Photoshop includes many generative AI features for image editing, such as expanding images in any direction, adding or removing specific objects, and editing or removing backgrounds. The Photoshop Beta also allows users to generate images from scratch using text prompts or reference images, with the ability to specify styles to achieve the desired look.

AI design tool Photoshop
Using Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop to add drones in the sky

Quality: While Photoshop’s AI features don’t always work perfectly, they are generally reliable. The tool generates three variations for each prompt, usually offering at least one acceptable option. For optimal results, users might need to rerun prompts several times.

Flexibility: Adobe Photoshop is extremely flexible, enabling users to customize any image or illustration with both AI tools and a comprehensive manual toolkit. However, new users might need to invest time in learning how to use the tool effectively to take full advantage of its capabilities.

Pricing: Photoshop is offered starting at $19.99 per month, with a 7-day free trial available for new users.

Overall, Adobe Photoshop stands out for its powerful and versatile design capabilities, although its extensive features come with a steeper learning curve compared to more beginner-friendly tools. is a presentation design tool that leverages AI to simplify the creation of professional-looking slides, making the process quick and easy. Recently, it has been enhanced with additional AI features that further streamline the design process.

Applications: While primarily focused on creating presentations, also assists with creating images, charts, tables, diagrams, and other visual elements within those presentations.

AI Features: was AI-powered even before the recent surge in generative AI technology. However, recently, it has incorporated many generative AI features that make the presentation creation process even more seamless. Image generation is powered by DALL-E 3, and slide generation is powered by Anthropic. This allows users to create entire presentations or specific slides and images with text prompts. For instance, you can specify the topic of a slide, select the preferred format (e.g., list, diagram, text, image, comparison), and provide additional context by uploading a file, adding text, or linking a webpage. Additionally, the tool includes various text generation features, such as rewriting blurbs, shortening or lengthening text, and correcting spelling and grammar errors.

AI design tool
Example of a slide generated with

Quality: is convenient for generating an initial draft of your presentation, saving you from starting from scratch. However, depending on the topic and your goals, the presentation will likely require significant editing. While AI slide generation isn’t fully reliable yet, the image generation and text generation features work quite well.

Flexibility: The tool offers considerable flexibility, allowing users to manually edit almost any aspect of their presentations. However, image editing is not an option within, so you may need to use other tools for this purpose.

Pricing: The Pro plan for individuals is priced at $12 per month, billed annually. For team collaboration, the Team plan costs $40 per user per month if billed annually, or $50 per user per month if billed monthly. A 14-day free trial is available for those who want to try the tool before committing for a year.

Overall, is a powerful tool for creating professional presentations quickly and easily, thanks to its extensive AI features, though some aspects of AI generation still need improvement.


Decktopus is an AI-powered tool designed for creating presentations, offering a wide range of AI features and the flexibility to incorporate your own content and ideas, resulting in more relevant and tailored presentation drafts.

Applications: The tool is focused on creating presentations but can incorporate different media types inside your slides, enhancing the overall presentation experience.

AI Features: Decktopus allows users to create presentations from scratch using AI or based on a PDF document. When starting from scratch, the tool prompts you for the topic, audience, and presentation goal, offering several options to choose from. It then suggests an outline, which you can modify or use as is, followed by a selection of presentation styles. Users can manually edit their presentations using a convenient drag-and-drop editor or seek further assistance from an embedded AI assistant, which can help generate images from text prompts, assist with copywriting, and create personalized notes.

AI design tool Decktopus
Presentation outline suggested by Decktopus AI on the topic of AI Productivity Tools

Quality: The designs produced by Decktopus are aesthetically pleasing and easily changeable. However, like other generative AI tools, its AI features do not always work reliably, often necessitating additional manual adjustments.

Flexibility: Presentations in Decktopus are easy to edit and customize. Refining text, whether manually or using AI, works smoothly. However, the tool does not allow for editing generated images, requiring the use of other tools for this purpose.

Pricing: The Pro plan for individuals costs $14.99 per month if billed monthly or $9.99 per month if billed annually. The Business plan is priced at $49.99 per month if billed monthly and $34.99 per month if billed annually. Unfortunately, there is no trial period offered.

Overall, Decktopus provides a powerful and flexible solution for creating presentations, although its AI features may require some manual intervention to achieve the desired results.


Midjourney is arguably one of the best AI image generation solutions available. While it won’t create presentations, diagrams, or complex posters with lots of text, it’s an excellent choice for generating images for articles, blog posts, or social media.

Applications: Midjourney can be used to generate all kinds of images, including photorealistic images, artwork, illustrations, logos, and more. Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of visual content needs.

AI Features: At its core, Midjourney is powered entirely by AI. Users can generate images using text prompts and then edit them by changing the aspect ratio, extending them in any direction, zooming out, or replacing certain objects within the image. This AI-driven approach offers a dynamic and creative way to produce high-quality visuals.

AI design tool Midjourney
Generated with Midjourney using the prompt: “a designer at work sitting in front of his laptop –ar 16:9”

Quality: Midjourney is capable of generating very high-quality images. However, learning how to write effective prompts may take some time to achieve the best outcomes. The tool may not always follow instructions precisely, and random or weird objects can occasionally appear in the images. Despite this, for non-specific needs, Midjourney can produce impressive images to illustrate your content, offering a viable alternative to buying stock images.

Flexibility: The tool provides a rich set of options for processing and editing generated images. However, the prompt-guided editing process can be somewhat stubborn, often requiring significant time to achieve the desired results. This can be a challenge for users seeking precise control over their image outputs.

Pricing: Midjourney offers a range of plans based on the number of images you want to generate per month. Prices range from $10 to $120 per month if billed monthly, and from $8 to $96 per month if billed annually. This variety allows users to choose a plan that best fits their usage needs and budget.

Overall, Midjourney stands out for its ability to create high-quality images through AI, making it a powerful tool for enhancing visual content. However, it has some drawbacks, such as not always precisely following the prompt and occasionally generating weird objects within the images. Despite these limitations, Midjourney remains a valuable resource for producing impressive visuals.

Conclusion: Elevating Your Creative Workflow with AI

AI-powered design and presentation tools are redefining the boundaries of creativity and productivity. From Canva’s user-friendly templates and AI enhancements to Adobe Photoshop’s powerful, professional-grade capabilities, these tools offer diverse solutions to meet your design needs. and Decktopus simplify the creation of polished presentations, while Midjourney excels in generating high-quality images.

Each tool brings unique strengths and some limitations, but together they demonstrate the remarkable potential of AI in the creative industry. Whether you’re a beginner looking for easy-to-use design options or a professional seeking advanced features, these AI tools can significantly enhance your workflow. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative features that will further streamline and elevate the design process.

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Mortimer the Magnificent: A Ghostly Adventure

Mortimer the Magnificent: A Ghostly Adventure

Alright, gather ’round and prepare yourselves for a tale of epic proportions. Picture this: a world where ghosts roam, where the veil between the living and the dead is as thin as a wet tissue paper. Here we find ourselves in the gritty, twisted realm of spirits, where death isn’t just a one-way ticket to the afterlife, but a wild rollercoaster ride with no seatbelts.

Our story begins in a decrepit town called Desolationville. The name says it all, really. It’s a place where the sun never shines, where the air is thick with despair, and where the only thing that keeps people going is their sheer determination not to be swallowed whole by the darkness. And in this forsaken town, there resides a ghost unlike any other.

Meet Mortimer the Magnificent (or so he likes to call himself). Mortimer isn’t your typical ghostly apparition. He’s not content with simply rattling chains and moaning through walls. No, Mortimer craves excitement, adventure, and a good old-fashioned haunting challenge. He’s the kind of ghost who likes to keep things interesting.

One fateful night, Mortimer stumbles upon a group of misfit humans who wander into his neck of the woods. They’re a ragtag bunch, all with their own quirks and idiosyncrasies. There’s Sally, the fearless leader with a knack for finding trouble; Jack, the bumbling fool who couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag; Emily, the master of sarcasm and eye-rolling; and Fred, the wide-eyed believer who’s convinced he can communicate with spirits.

Mortimer takes an instant liking to this peculiar crew. He sees potential in them, potential for some truly legendary ghostly hijinks. So he decides to reveal himself to them, floating through walls and giving them quite the fright. But instead of running away screaming like any sane person would, they embrace Mortimer with open arms (well, metaphorically, since they can’t actually touch him).

And so, Mortimer becomes their ghostly guide, leading them on a series of wild adventures through the supernatural realm. They explore haunted houses, battling vengeful spirits and dodging flying furniture. They delve into ancient crypts, deciphering cryptic messages and narrowly avoiding traps. They even venture into the ghostly courthouse, where they defend wrongly accused spirits in ethereal trials.

But it’s not all fun and games for our ghostly gang. Along the way, they encounter malevolent specters who seek to wreak havoc and plunge Desolationville into eternal darkness. Mortimer and his friends must use their wits, their courage, and a healthy dose of sarcastic banter to thwart these nefarious spirits.

As the battles rage on, Mortimer starts to question his own existence. Is he just a figment of a long-forgotten past? Or is he something more? With each victory, Mortimer grows stronger, his ethereal form pulsating with newfound power. He begins to suspect that he might be the chosen one, destined to bring balance to the ghostly realm.

In a climactic showdown with the most powerful spirit of them all, Mortimer’s suspicions are confirmed. He discovers that he is the reincarnation of an ancient ghostly warrior, tasked with protecting the delicate balance between life and death. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Mortimer taps into his hidden abilities, unleashing a dazzling display of ectoplasmic energy that banishes the malevolent spirits for good.

With Desolationville finally free from the clutches of darkness, Mortimer bids farewell to his human companions. He knows that his journey isn’t over yet. There are countless spirits in need of guidance and redemption, and Mortimer is determined to help them find peace.

And so, our sarcastic ghost embarks on a never-ending adventure, wandering from town to town, spreading his peculiar brand of spectral charm. He becomes a legend, a myth whispered in hushed tones by those who have encountered the supernatural. Mortimer the Magnificent, the ghost with a heart of gold and a tongue as sharp as a sword.

So the next time you find yourself in a haunted house, remember this tale. Remember that ghosts aren’t always the terrifying entities they’re made out to be. They can be quirky, funny, and just a little bit sarcastic. And who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to meet Mortimer himself, floating through walls and making snarky remarks. But be warned, he’s not one to take kindly to scaredy-cats or people who can’t appreciate a good joke.

And thus ends our tale, a story of ghostly shenanigans and unlikely friendships. But don’t worry, dear reader, for the adventures of Mortimer the Magnificent are far from over. There are still countless spirits in need of his guidance, countless haunted places in need of his sarcasm. So keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you, for you never know when you might stumble upon Desolationville and its resident ghost whisperer.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

Open-TeleVision allows VR-type control of remote robot

A combined team of roboticists from MIT and the University of California, San Diego, has developed a new type of remote control for robots called Open-TeleVision that allows for VR-type control. The team has posted a paper describing their robot system on the arXiv preprint server. They also posted videos on YouTube showing the robot and its pilot in action.

Standard Bots Secures $63M in Funding to Propel American Manufacturing Forward with AI-Driven Robotics

With VC support from General Catalyst, Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund, and Samsung Next, Standard Bots is bringing to market software and hardware engineered for next-gen AI robotics arms, serving renowned organizations such as NASA

Dancing with Darkness

Dancing with Darkness

I woke up with a pounding headache, the remnants of last night’s escapades pulsing through my skull. The flickering neon lights outside my window only made matters worse, casting an eerie glow on the filthy room I called home. I stumbled out of bed, barely able to stand on my wobbly legs, and made my way to the grimy bathroom.

As I splashed cold water on my face, memories of the previous night began to seep into my foggy mind. The smoky bar, the deafening music, the bodies swaying in an intoxicating rhythm. And him. Roy Batty. A name that sent shivers down my spine.

Roy was not like any other man I had ever met. He had an air of danger around him, a darkness that seemed to follow wherever he went. He was tall and imposing, with icy blue eyes that held more secrets than I could fathom. We had crossed paths a few times before, each encounter leaving me with a mixture of fear and fascination.

But last night was different. Last night, he had approached me with an intensity that was impossible to resist. He spoke in a low, gravelly voice that sent chills down my spine, his words laced with a seductive charm that was hard to deny. Before I knew it, we were locked in a passionate embrace, lost in a world of pleasure and pain.

But now, as I stood in front of the cracked mirror, I couldn’t help but wonder what had drawn me to him. What had compelled me to throw caution to the wind and surrender myself to a man who was as dangerous as he was mysterious? It was like being caught in a web, unable to break free.

I stumbled out of the bathroom and made my way to the kitchen, desperate for a cup of coffee to soothe my pounding head. But as I poured the bitter liquid into a cracked mug, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and a shiver ran down my spine.

I turned around, expecting to see nothing but the empty room. But there he was, leaning against the door frame with a predatory smile on his face. Roy Batty. His presence filled the room, suffocating me with a potent mixture of desire and fear.

“You’re quite the sight in the morning,” he said, his voice dripping with amusement.

I tried to speak, but my mouth felt like it was filled with cotton. My words came out as a hoarse whisper. “What are you doing here?”

He took a step closer, his gaze never leaving mine. “I wanted to see the woman who dared to dance with darkness.”

His words sent a shiver down my spine, and I took a step back, my heart pounding in my chest. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Roy chuckled, a sound that was both menacing and alluring. “Oh, but you do. You feel it, don’t you? The pull of something greater than yourself. The allure of the forbidden.”

I shook my head, trying to clear the fog in my mind. “I don’t want any part of your darkness. I have enough demons of my own.”

He took another step closer, his eyes boring into mine. “We all have demons, my dear. But some of us embrace them. Some of us let them consume us.”

I could feel the weight of his words pressing down on me, threatening to suffocate me. I wanted to run, to escape from this haunting presence that seemed to have taken hold of my life. But something held me back.

Roy reached out and gently brushed his fingers against my cheek, sending shivers down my spine. “You’re different,” he said, his voice barely a whisper. “There’s a fire burning inside you, a fire that refuses to be extinguished.”

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him. His touch was electrifying, sending waves of pleasure through my body. But there was something else too, something darker and more dangerous. It was as if he held the key to a world I had only glimpsed in my darkest nightmares.

“I can show you things,” he said, his voice filled with promise. “I can take you to places you’ve never dreamed of.”

I wanted to resist, to turn away from this enticing darkness. But as I looked into his eyes, I knew I was already lost. Roy Batty had become a part of my world, my desires intertwined with his in a dangerous dance.

And so, I took his outstretched hand, ready to embrace the unknown. Ready to dance with darkness.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Haunting of the Television

The Haunting of the Television

The wind howled through the cobblestone streets of London, whipping at the tattered curtains that covered the windows of our modest home. It was a gloomy evening, fitting for the story I am about to unfold. My name is Samuel Hawthorne, a simple man with a deep love for my children—the apple of my eye, my pride and joy. They were everything to me.

My eldest, Margaret, was a clever and inquisitive girl with a wild imagination. She spent her days lost in books, disappearing into far-off realms filled with mythical creatures and magical lands. She had a thirst for knowledge that could never be quenched, and I admired her for it. Margaret had a curious streak that led her down strange and mysterious paths, always in search of something new.

Then there was Edward, my middle child. A mischievous lad with boundless energy, he had a knack for getting into trouble at every turn. Whether it was climbing trees he had no business being up or engaging in fierce battles with imaginary foes in the backyard, Edward’s adventurous spirit was a constant source of concern and amusement for me. His laughter filled our home with life and vitality, even on the darkest of nights.

And finally, there was little Emily, my youngest. She was a delicate flower, shy and reserved, but possessed a wisdom beyond her tender years. Emily had an uncanny ability to see things others couldn’t, to sense the presence of something otherworldly lurking in the shadows. Her innocent eyes held a depth that hinted at a connection to a realm beyond our own.

It was during one stormy evening that our lives were forever changed. A peculiar contraption arrived on our doorstep—a television. I had heard whispers of this new invention, a marvel of modern technology that allowed one to see moving images from the comfort of their own home. Intrigued by its potential, I had succumbed to the allure and purchased one, hoping it would bring some joy and entertainment to my beloved children.

As we gathered around the flickering screen, the room filled with a sense of anticipation. The black and white images danced before our eyes, revealing a world unlike anything we had ever seen. The children sat enthralled, their faces illuminated by the glow of this magical device, completely engrossed in the stories it had to tell.

Margaret’s eyes widened with excitement as she watched tales of heroism and adventure unfold. She dreamed of embarking on her own grand quests, vanquishing evil and saving the world from darkness. Edward, on the other hand, saw the television as an invitation to new escapades. He turned every mundane activity into a grand spectacle, narrating his own exploits as he dashed across the room or leaped over imaginary obstacles.

For Emily, however, the television held an entirely different allure. She saw beyond the surface, beyond the images that played before her. To her, it was a portal—a gateway to another realm. She could sense the presence of something inexplicable lingering within its depths, whispering secrets only she could hear. It was as if the television were a window into a mysterious realm that existed in parallel to our own.

As the days turned into weeks, our lives became inseparable from this newfound contraption. The television became a companion, a silent observer that witnessed our joys and sorrows alike. But with its presence came strange occurrences—flickering lights in the night, mysterious voices whispering in the darkness, and faces that appeared on the screen when it was not in use.

It was Margaret who first noticed the figures lurking within the television’s depths. She would wake in the dead of night, her heart pounding with fear, as shadowy forms moved across the screen. They seemed to beckon her, entice her with promises of adventure beyond her wildest dreams. Terrified, she would retreat under the covers, praying for their disappearance.

Edward, true to his mischievous nature, saw these figures not as malevolent beings but as potential playmates. He would sit for hours in front of the television, engaging in animated conversations with the darkened faces that watched him intently. Their whispers filled the room, their secrets captivating him like a moth to a flame.

Emily, however, sensed something more sinister at work. She saw the figures for what they truly were—spirits trapped within the depths of the television, hungry for release. Night after night, she would stand before the screen, her small hands pressed against the glass, trying to understand their pain and longing. They reached out to her, their haunting cries echoing through her dreams.

As the spirits grew restless, so too did their influence on our lives. Our once-happy home became a place of shadows and unease. The television’s glow cast an eerie hue over our lives, tainting everything it touched. And with each passing day, the spirits grew stronger, their presence more palpable.

Margaret’s dreams turned into nightmares. She would wake up screaming, drenched in cold sweat, as the spirits whispered their dark secrets into her ear. The lines between reality and fantasy blurred, and she found herself questioning her own sanity.

Edward’s mischievous escapades took a dark turn. He became reckless and daring, seeking thrills that pushed the boundaries of safety. His laughter no longer filled our home but was replaced by a hollow emptiness that sent chills down my spine.

And Emily… dear Emily grew weaker with each passing day. The spirits drained her life force, their hunger insatiable. She became a mere shell of her former self, her once-vibrant eyes now dull and lifeless.

I knew then that I had to act—to protect my children from the malevolent forces that had invaded our lives. With a heavy heart, I made the decision to banish the television from our home, to sever the connection that had brought us nothing but pain and despair.

As I stood before the television, ready to cast it out of our lives forever, the spirits gathered around me, their forms flickering in and out of existence. They pleaded for release, their voices a chorus of desperation. But I knew that their freedom came at too great a cost—the souls of my beloved children.

With a final prayer on my lips, I yanked the cord from the wall, severing the television’s hold on our lives. The spirits screamed in agony as their only means of communication disappeared, fading back into the darkness from whence they came.

In the days that followed, our home slowly returned to normal. Margaret’s nightmares ceased, Edward’s laughter returned, and Emily regained her strength. The television had become nothing more than a distant memory—a cautionary tale of the dangers that lurked beyond the boundaries of our reality.

But as I sit here, writing these words by candlelight, I cannot shake the feeling that the spirits still linger, their presence haunting our memories. The television may be gone, but its influence remains—an indelible mark on our lives, a reminder of the darkness that exists just beyond our reach.

And so, my dear reader, I implore you to heed my cautionary tale. Beware the allure of technology, for within its depths lies a world unseen—a world that can consume the very essence of your being. Protect your loved ones, cherish them, for in the face of darkness, it is their light that will guide you through the shadows.

For me, it is too late. The spirits have taken their toll, leaving scars that will never fully heal. But perhaps, through sharing my story, I can spare others the same fate. May my children’s unique experiences and perceptions serve as a reminder of the frailty of our existence and the power that lies within the unseen.

And so, I bid you farewell, dear reader, knowing that my words may never reach your eyes. But if by some chance they do, heed my warning—beware the television and the darkness it brings, for once you invite it into your home, there may be no escape.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Knight and the Gobblin: A Tale of Light and Darkness

The Knight and the Gobblin: A Tale of Light and Darkness

In the ancient realms of Eldoria, a land steeped in magic and legend, a young warrior named Roderick set out on a perilous quest. His kingdom was plagued by a relentless darkness that threatened to consume all. The noble knights of Eldoria had fought valiantly against this encroaching evil, but their numbers dwindled with every passing day. Desperate for aid, Roderick sought an unlikely ally—an enigmatic creature known as a gobblin.

Legends whispered of the gobblin’s immense power and cunning intellect. It was said that they possessed the ability to navigate the intricate web of magic that shrouded Eldoria. Most dismissed these tales as mere fables, but Roderick believed otherwise. He trekked through treacherous forests and scaled forbidding mountains in his quest to find a gobblin and harness its power.

Finally, after weeks of tireless searching, Roderick stumbled upon a hidden cavern nestled deep within the heart of the ancient Whispering Woods. As he cautiously entered, the air grew heavy with anticipation. Before him, bathed in an ethereal glow, stood Gobblin the Magnificent—a creature unlike any Roderick had ever beheld.

Gobblin’s emerald eyes shimmered with wisdom as he surveyed the weary warrior before him. “What brings a brave knight like yourself to my humble abode?” he inquired, his voice melodic yet tinged with an air of mischief.

Roderick bowed respectfully. “I seek your aid, mighty Gobblin, for Eldoria faces a grave threat. Darkness spreads throughout our lands, devouring all that is good. I beseech you to lend your powers to our cause.”

Gobblin chuckled, revealing sharp teeth that glinted ominously. “Ah, the darkness,” he mused. “A formidable adversary indeed. But what benefit would I gain from helping your pitiful realm?”

Roderick straightened his posture. “If you assist us in vanquishing this darkness, I shall grant you a place of honor among the heroes of Eldoria. Your name will be celebrated for generations to come. Together, we can restore peace to our lands.”

Gobblin’s eyes narrowed as he considered Roderick’s proposal. “Very well, brave knight. I shall join your cause, but on one condition—should we triumph over the darkness, you must swear to grant me three boons of my choosing.”

Roderick hesitated briefly, weighing the risks against the desperate needs of his kingdom. With resolve, he extended his hand. “Agreed, Gobblin. Your boons shall be granted if victory is ours.”

And so, Roderick and Gobblin set forth on their journey, their destinies entwined in an unlikely alliance. The duo traversed treacherous terrains, battling hordes of dark creatures that lurked at every turn. Roderick’s skills as a warrior proved invaluable, while Gobblin’s knowledge of magic guided them through the labyrinthine paths of Eldoria.

Their journey led them to the sacred Crystal Caverns—a mystical realm pulsating with raw elemental energy. There, they uncovered the key to vanquishing the darkness: a legendary artifact known as the Crystal of Radiance. A relic said to hold the very essence of light, it had the power to banish the encroaching shadows forever.

However, their quest was far from over. The Crystal of Radiance lay deep within the heart of the Shadow Keep—the dark fortress where the malevolent sorcerer Malachi resided. With fear in their hearts but determination in their eyes, Roderick and Gobblin braved the Shadow Keep’s haunting corridors.

As they neared the heart of the fortress, they encountered Malachi’s loyal minions—twisted creatures born of shadow and despair. Roderick’s sword clashed against their darkened blades, while Gobblin unleashed powerful spells that shattered their very essence. Together, they fought as one, their bond growing stronger with each victory.

Finally, they reached the inner sanctum—a chamber wreathed in darkness that seemed impenetrable. Malachi, a figure cloaked in shadow, sneered at their arrival. “You dare defy me? Your pitiful attempts at resistance are futile!”

Roderick gritted his teeth, his hand steady on his sword’s hilt. “We stand united against your darkness, Malachi. Eldoria will be free from your tyranny.”

Gobblin, his voice resolute, added, “Your reign ends here, sorcerer. The Crystal of Radiance shall be our weapon.”

Malachi laughed, a chilling sound that echoed through the chamber. “You underestimate my power, fools! Prepare to witness true darkness!”

A fierce battle ensued as Roderick and Gobblin unleashed their combined might upon the sorcerer. The air crackled with magic, swords clashed, and spells collided in an epic display of desperation and valor. It seemed as if hope wavered, but Roderick refused to yield.

With one final swing of his sword, Roderick struck Malachi down, severing the sorcerer’s connection to the darkness. As Malachi’s form disintegrated into nothingness, a blinding light erupted from the Crystal of Radiance. Its brilliance bathed Eldoria in a warm glow, dispelling the shadows that had plagued the land for so long.

Roderick and Gobblin emerged from the Shadow Keep as heroes, their faces etched with weariness and triumph. Eldoria rejoiced, its people celebrating the return of light and hope. True to his word, Roderick granted Gobblin his three boons, cementing their alliance as one of Eldoria’s greatest legends.

For generations to come, tales were spun of the knight and the gobblin who had saved Eldoria from the clutches of darkness. Their names were whispered with reverence, forever entwined in the tapestry of the realm’s history. The warrior and the creature, once strangers, had become brothers bound by their shared sacrifice and the triumph of light over darkness.

Their tale proved that even the most unlikely alliances could shape destiny, reminding all who heard it of the power that lies within the human heart and the untapped potential that resides in the souls of creatures like Gobblins.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

Shadows of Corruption

Shadows of Corruption

I watch the neon lights flicker outside my window, casting an eerie glow on the rain-soaked streets. This city, a maze of concrete and glass, is my home. But it’s a place where shadows hide the truth and secrets are buried beneath layers of corruption. I’m Detective Vincent Kane, and I’ve seen it all. In this cyberpunk world, corporations reign supreme, their reach stretching far beyond the boundaries of the law.

My children, Chloe and Max, are growing up in this dystopian future, their lives intertwined with the very fabric of this city’s turmoil. Chloe, my eldest, is a talented hacker, her fingers dancing across the keys of her virtual reality rig. She sees the world through lines of code, decoding the secrets of corporations that rule our lives. Max, on the other hand, has a mind like a steel trap. He’s quick-witted and has an uncanny ability to navigate the treacherous streets, avoiding danger at every turn. They are my pride and joy, my reason for fighting against the darkness that threatens to consume us all.

It all started one rainy night when I received a call from Chloe. Her voice crackled through the static-filled line, urgency dripping from every word. “Dad, I’ve stumbled upon something big,” she said, her breath hitching with excitement. “The corporations, they’re hiding something. Something they don’t want us to know.”

I listened intently as she explained her findings—evidence of a secret experiment conducted by Horizon Corp., one of the city’s most powerful conglomerates. They were tampering with human DNA, creating a new breed of super soldiers to serve their sinister agenda. Chloe had managed to hack into their database and uncover some disturbing files. Max chimed in, his voice laced with concern. “Dad, we’ve got to do something about this. We can’t let them get away with it.”

As a detective, I had seen my fair share of corruption, but this revelation shook me to my core. The thought of innocent lives being manipulated and discarded like pawns in a deadly game infuriated me. I knew then and there that I had to bring Horizon Corp. down, no matter the cost.

Together, we embarked on a dangerous journey, walking the fine line between the law and justice. Chloe’s hacking skills were invaluable, allowing us to gather evidence and expose the truth. Max’s street smarts kept us one step ahead of the corporation’s enforcers, their cybernetic implants gleaming in the dimly lit alleyways.

We made allies in unexpected places—a former scientist who had defected from Horizon Corp., an underground resistance group fighting against the corporate tyranny, and even a rogue android with a heart of gold. Each had their own stake in this fight, driven by their own personal vendettas against the corporations that had taken everything from them.

As we delved deeper into the dark underbelly of the city, we uncovered a web of deceit and betrayal that stretched far beyond our initial suspicions. It wasn’t just Horizon Corp. that was involved—it was a city-wide conspiracy involving multiple corporations vying for power and control. They would stop at nothing to protect their secrets, sending their heavily armed mercenaries to eliminate anyone who stood in their way.

We were hunted, our every move watched by an invisible enemy. But we refused to back down. We fought back, using every resource at our disposal. Chloe’s hacking prowess allowed us to bypass security systems, granting us access to their hidden facilities. Max’s agility and quick reflexes kept us safe when bullets rained down upon us.

It all came to a head one fateful night. We had gathered enough evidence to expose the corporations’ crimes to the world, but they were prepared to go to any lengths to silence us. In a final showdown, bullets flew, steel clashed against steel, and the echoes of explosions reverberated through the streets.

In the end, justice prevailed. The corporations’ sordid secrets were laid bare for all to see, and the city erupted in protests against their tyranny. The people had finally seen the darkness that lurked behind the polished façade of corporate power.

As the dust settled, I found solace in my children’s arms. Their love and resilience had carried us through this harrowing journey. We had faced the worst this city had to offer, but we emerged stronger than ever.

In this cyberpunk world where corporations held sway, our family had become a beacon of hope—a reminder that even in the face of adversity, love and determination could triumph over darkness. Together, we would rebuild this broken city, one brick at a time. And perhaps, just perhaps, we could shape a future where corporations could no longer exploit the innocent, where justice prevailed over greed.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Solitude of Survival

The Solitude of Survival

I have always been a solitary soul, one who revels in the quiet solitude of my own company. The hustle and bustle of the outside world has never held any appeal for me; I find solace in the company of books and the symphony of silence. It was in this realm of solitude that I resided when the world around me began to crumble and give way to an unspeakable horror.

It started innocently enough, with rumors of a strange sickness that plagued the living. People reported seeing loved ones acting peculiarly, their eyes devoid of any semblance of life. At first, I dismissed these tales as nothing more than the products of fertile imaginations, concocted to add a dash of excitement to otherwise mundane lives. But as the days wore on, the whispers grew louder, and it became impossible to deny that something sinister was happening.

It was on a cold autumn night that I first encountered the risen dead. I had ventured out of my secluded home to gather supplies, armed with nothing but a flashlight and a sense of trepidation. The streets were eerily quiet, devoid of the usual sounds of life. It was as if the world itself held its breath, awaiting some unknown calamity.

I made my way to the grocery store, my footsteps echoing loudly in the desolate streets. The shelves were picked clean, evidence of a panic that had swept through the town. Disheartened, I turned to leave when a noise caught my attention. It was a low moan, mournful and filled with an otherworldly despair. I followed the sound, my flashlight cutting through the darkness like a beacon of hope.

What I saw in that alleyway will forever be etched into my memory. It was a figure, hunched over and shrouded in darkness. Its skin was pallid and sickly, its eyes vacant pools of emptiness. Its limbs moved with a jerky, unnatural grace, as if it were a marionette being clumsily controlled by unseen hands. It turned its head towards me, and in that moment, I felt a chill seep into my very bones.

Fear and curiosity battled within me as I stood frozen in place. The creature shuffled towards me, its movements slow and deliberate. It emitted another mournful moan, a sound that seemed to reverberate through the very core of my being. My instincts screamed at me to run, to flee this scene of unimaginable horror, but my feet remained rooted to the spot.

I watched in morbid fascination as the creature drew nearer. Its eyes, once devoid of life, now seemed to burn with an unholy light. Its lips curled into a grotesque parody of a smile, revealing rows of jagged teeth. A primal instinct screamed at me to fight, to protect myself from this abomination, but I could do nothing but stand there, transfixed.

And then, as if snapped out of a trance, I bolted. My legs carried me away from that nightmarish encounter, my heart pounding in my chest. The town, once so familiar and comforting, had transformed into a twisted realm of terror. The risen dead wandered the streets, their numbers growing with each passing day. The world I once knew was gone, replaced by a landscape of fear and uncertainty.

In the days that followed, I became a ghost myself, haunting the deserted streets and abandoned buildings. I scavenged for food and water, always on high alert for any sign of the risen dead. They lurked in the shadows, their moans echoing through the empty streets like a macabre symphony.

But amidst the horrors that surrounded me, I found solace in my solitude. The risen dead were drawn to the living, their hunger insatiable and unrelenting. But they paid no mind to those who preferred the company of their own thoughts. It was as if they could sense the absence of fear within me, the lack of the very thing that fueled their existence.

I roamed the desolate streets, a silent observer of this twisted new world. I witnessed acts of unimaginable horror, the living reduced to mere morsels for the ravenous dead. But I also witnessed moments of resilience and bravery, pockets of humanity that refused to be extinguished. In the face of overwhelming darkness, a flicker of hope still burned.

As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, I became a relic of a bygone era. The risen dead roamed freely, their numbers growing with each passing day. They were a constant reminder of the fragility of life, of the inevitable march towards our own mortality. But within me, there still burned a flame of defiance, a refusal to succumb to the despair that threatened to engulf us all.

I am alone, but I am not lonely. In this world teetering on the edge of oblivion, I have found strength in my solitude. I have become an observer of the human condition, watching as people are tested to their very limits. And though the risen dead may haunt my dreams, they will never break my spirit.

In the end, it is not the fear that defines us, but how we choose to face it. And so I continue to wander these desolate streets, my footsteps echoing in the stillness. I am alone, but I am not defeated. And as long as there is breath in my lungs, I will continue to fight, to bear witness to the horrors and triumphs that unfold in this otherworldly existence.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Righteous King of Eldoria

The Righteous King of Eldoria

In the kingdom of Eldoria, a land nestled amidst towering mountains and lush forests, there lived a king named Alistair. He was a ruler of great wisdom, known for his fairness and compassion towards his subjects. But Eldoria was not always a land of peace and prosperity. It was plagued by an evil sorcerer, Malachi, who sought to unleash chaos and darkness upon the realm.

Alistair, with his noble heart, had dedicated his life to protect his people from the malevolent forces that threatened to engulf Eldoria. He was a beacon of hope in the face of despair, admired and respected by all who knew him. With a steadfast resolve, he vowed to rid his kingdom of the vile influence that Malachi brought forth.

The king had assembled a group of loyal companions to aid him in his quest. Among them was Sir Roland, a skilled knight with a heart as pure as silver; Elara, a wise and enigmatic sorceress whose magic could bend nature itself; and Finn, a nimble rogue whose wit and agility were unmatched. Together, they formed an unbreakable bond, embarking on a perilous journey to confront Malachi and restore peace to Eldoria.

Their path led them through treacherous terrains, haunted forests, and ancient ruins. They faced countless trials and tribulations, battling through hordes of wicked creatures that Malachi had summoned from the depths of darkness. The group’s unwavering determination pushed them forward, despite injuries and weariness that threatened to derail their mission.

As they forged deeper into enemy territory, whispers began to circulate among the people of Eldoria. Tales of their king’s heroic exploits reached every corner of the realm, filling the hearts of the downtrodden with hope. Alistair became a symbol of resilience, inspiring his subjects to stand up against the oppression that had plagued them for years.

Malachi, consumed by his desire for power, grew fearful of the righteous king and his valiant companions. He knew that their unity posed the greatest threat to his wicked ambitions. Determined to quell this resistance, he unleashed his most fearsome creation yet – a colossal dragon, born from the darkest depths of his malevolence.

The dragon, with scales as black as midnight, terrorized the lands of Eldoria. Its fiery breath decimated entire villages, leaving only ashes in its wake. The people cried out for their king, praying for his strength and courage to prevail against this formidable foe.

Alistair, undeterred by the seemingly insurmountable odds, rallied his companions and devised a daring plan. With the aid of Elara’s magic, they harnessed the elemental forces of nature to create a powerful enchantment. This spell, if successful, would weaken the dragon’s defenses and allow them to strike a decisive blow.

The battle that ensued was fierce and relentless. The dragon’s roars shook the very foundations of Eldoria while Alistair and his companions fought tooth and nail to bring it down. With each swing of Sir Roland’s blade, each bolt of Elara’s lightning, and each precise strike from Finn’s daggers, they chipped away at the beast’s formidable scales.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the dragon faltered. Alistair seized the opportunity, driving his sword deep into its heart. The earth trembled as the creature let out a final, agonizing cry before collapsing into a lifeless heap.

Victorious but weary, Alistair and his loyal companions returned to Eldoria as heroes. The people rejoiced, their spirits lifted by the triumph over evil. A grand celebration was held in honor of their king, who had united a fractured kingdom and led them to victory against overwhelming odds.

But Alistair knew that the battle against darkness was never truly won. He continued to rebuild Eldoria, fortifying its defenses and creating a legacy that would endure for generations to come. His name would forever be etched in the annals of history as the righteous king who brought light to a kingdom consumed by shadow.

And so, the Chronicles of Eldoria came to a close, but the legend of Alistair lived on. His unwavering courage and selflessness would forever serve as a reminder that even in the face of darkness, a single individual could ignite the spark of hope and change the course of destiny.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

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