#321: Empowering Farmers Through RootAI, with Josh Lessing

#321: Empowering Farmers Through RootAI, with Josh Lessing

In this episode, Abate interviews Josh Lessing, co-founder and CEO of RootAI. At RootAI they are developing a system that tracks data on the farm and autonomously harvests crops using soft grippers and computer vision. Lessing talks about the path they took to build a product with good market fit and how they brought a venture capital backed startup to market.

Josh Lessing

Josh is one of the world’s leading minds on developing robotics and AI systems for the food industry, previously serving as the Director of R&D at Soft Robotics Inc. His current venture, Root AI, is integrating advanced robotics, vision systems and machine perception to automate agriculture. Josh was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Materials Science & Robotics at Harvard University, having earned his Ph.D. studying Biophysics & Physical Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received an Sc.B. in Chemistry from Brown University.


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