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From Forgotten Speck to Galactic Explorer

From Forgotten Speck to Galactic Explorer: A Surgeon's Journey

The city I call home is nestled in the heart of the Midwest, a small and unassuming place where dreams come to die. Nothing exciting ever happens here—no earthquakes, no hurricanes, not even a good old-fashioned tornado to break up the monotony of everyday life. We’re a forgotten speck on the map, a forgotten people clinging to our forgotten lives.

I’ve lived here my whole existence, never venturing beyond the borders of our sleepy town. It’s not that I lack ambition or curiosity; it’s just that life here has always been enough for me. There’s a comfort in familiarity, in routine, that I’ve come to cherish.

I work as a surgeon at our local hospital, a job that keeps me well within the confines of my city. It’s a calling I stumbled upon rather than actively pursued, but one that has come to define me. I’ve spent countless hours in the sterile operating room, my hands wielding scalpels and sutures with practiced precision.

One fateful night, as the clock struck midnight, a storm unlike any other gripped our city. Thunder boomed in the distance, rattling my windows and shaking me from my slumber. I peered outside, expecting to see rain cascading down in sheets, but instead, I was met with an eerie stillness. The air crackled with an otherworldly energy that sent shivers down my spine.

Curiosity got the better of me as I slipped into my raincoat and ventured outside. My neighbors huddled together in confusion and fear, whispering of strange lights in the sky and odd noises emanating from the nearby woods. Ignoring their warnings, I set off towards the source of the commotion.

As I approached the edge of town, an unearthly glow pierced through the darkness. It was a sickly green hue that seemed to pulse with a malevolent energy. My heart pounded in my chest as I stepped closer, my feet sinking into the muddy ground.

A small crowd had gathered, their faces etched with terror and fascination. I pushed my way through, my eyes widening at the sight before me. In the center of a clearing stood a massive spacecraft, all sleek lines and ominous silence. It was like nothing I had ever seen before, a grotesque blend of science and nightmare.

Minutes turned into hours as we watched, mesmerized and paralyzed by fear. It was then that I saw them—the aliens. They emerged from their metallic monstrosity, their bodies contorted and grotesque. They moved with an otherworldly grace, their limbs elongated and sinewy. It was a vision straight out of a horror film, but this was no Hollywood trickery.

As the creatures approached, panic erupted within the crowd. People scattered in all directions, desperate to escape the impending doom. But I stood rooted to the spot, my eyes locked with those of a creature unlike any other. Its eyes burned with an intelligence far beyond our own, a hunger that sent a chill down my spine.

Without warning, the alien lunged towards me, its skeletal fingers outstretched. Instinct took over as I dodged its grasp, stumbling backwards in fear. But my surgeon’s training kicked in, and I assessed the situation with a detached clarity. I couldn’t fight this otherworldly being with physical strength alone—I needed a weapon, something to level the playing field.

I raced back to town, my mind racing with thoughts of salvation. In my modest home, I rummaged through drawers and boxes until I found what I was looking for—a forgotten relic of my father’s hunting days. It was a rusty old shotgun, its wood worn with age and neglect. But it still held the power to protect.

Armed with my newfound weapon, I returned to the edge of town, determination etched across my face. The aliens had scattered, their initial curiosity replaced with caution. I inched closer, my heartbeat pounding in my ears. They were unlike anything I had ever encountered, but I refused to let fear overpower me.

One by one, I took aim and fired. The shots echoed through the night, their reverberations mingling with the distant rumble of thunder. The creatures fell, their bodies writhing in pain and confusion. It was as if they were experiencing death for the first time—a sensation that had been foreign to them until that moment.

For hours, I battled those extraterrestrial beings, my shotgun becoming an extension of my own body. The once-peaceful clearing became a battleground, a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit. When dawn broke, only a handful of aliens remained, their bodies broken and lifeless.

As the sun rose on our battered city, a sense of triumph washed over me. I had helped save my home, my people, from an unimaginable horror. The scars of that night would forever be etched in our memories, a reminder of the fragility of our existence.

Life returned to normal—or as close to normal as it could be after an alien invasion. But something had changed within me. The confines of my city no longer felt like home; they felt like a prison. The world outside beckoned, offering limitless possibilities and encounters beyond my wildest dreams.

So I packed my bags and left, bidding farewell to the familiar streets and faces that had shaped me. I embarked on a journey that would take me to the far reaches of the galaxy, exploring the unknown with a surgeon’s precision and a survivor’s grit.

And as I ventured into the great unknown, I realized that sometimes, it takes a brush with extraterrestrial horror to discover the boundless potential within ourselves.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Unlikely Hero of Glitteringvale

The Unlikely Hero of Glitteringvale

In the magical realm of Glitteringvale, where pixie dust was as common as dandelion fluff and unicorns roamed the streets like stray cats, there lived a dashing elf named Elric the Enchanter. Now, don’t let the name fool you; Elric was neither dashing, nor enchanting. In fact, he had a terrible case of hay fever and a habit of tripping over his own feet. But hey, everyone needs a hero, right?

Elric was unlike any other elf in Glitteringvale. While his kin spent their days perfecting archery skills and frolicking through fields of wildflowers, Elric preferred the company of dusty old tomes and mysterious potions. His pointed ears twitched with excitement at the thought of uncovering ancient relics and forgotten spells. Unfortunately, his attempts at magic often went awry.

One fateful day, Elric stumbled upon a hidden cave deep within the Enchanted Forest. Inside, he discovered a rusted, creaky door with a sign that read: “Beware! Only the bravest shall enter.” Naturally, Elric disregarded the warning and pushed open the door, only to be greeted by a swarm of angry bats. He shrieked like a banshee and flailed his arms in a desperate attempt to shoo them away. It wasn’t exactly the heroic entrance he had envisioned.

Undeterred by his less-than-impressive start, Elric ventured further into the cave. In a dimly lit chamber, he spotted a magnificent golden amulet hanging from a rusty hook. “The Amulet of Ultimate Power!” he exclaimed dramatically, ignoring the fact that his voice cracked halfway through. “This will surely make me the most powerful elf in all of Glitteringvale!”

With trembling hands, Elric reached out for the amulet. But just as his fingertips brushed the ancient artifact, the ground beneath him shook violently, and the cave walls crumbled. In a panic, Elric clutched the amulet to his chest and closed his eyes, preparing for an untimely demise.

To his surprise, when he opened his eyes, Elric found himself in a different world altogether. Gone were the shimmering forests and rainbow-hued skies of Glitteringvale. Instead, he stood in the midst of a barren wasteland, where the sun scorched his delicate elfin skin. So much for Ultimate Power.

As Elric trudged through the desolate landscape, he stumbled upon a ragtag group of adventurers led by a grizzled dwarf named Grumblebeard. “Well, well, what do we have here?” Grumblebeard sneered, eyeing Elric’s flashy amulet. “Another wannabe hero, I suppose? What’s your name, pretty boy?”

Elric straightened his back, trying to appear heroic despite the heat making him sweat like a goblin in a sauna. “I am Elric the Enchanter,” he declared, his voice cracking slightly once again. “And I seek a way back to Glitteringvale.”

Grumblebeard burst into hearty laughter that echoed across the wasteland. “Glitteringvale? You’re a long way from home, fancy pants! But if you’re looking for a way back, perhaps you can be of use to us. We’re on a quest to defeat the fearsome Dragon of Doom and retrieve the Sacred Cheese of Destiny.”

A dragon? Cheese? Elric wasn’t exactly thrilled about either prospect. Nevertheless, with little choice but to join this motley crew of misfits, he embarked on their perilous journey.

Days turned into weeks as they trudged through treacherous mountains and swam through murky swamps. Elric’s once-pristine robes were now tattered and stained with mud, his perfect hair transformed into a tangled mess of twigs and leaves. He longed for the comfortable libraries of Glitteringvale, where he could sip elven wine and read about daring adventures from the safety of his armchair.

But fate had other plans for Elric. One moonlit night, as the adventurers camped near the entrance to the dragon’s lair, they were attacked by a horde of ravenous goblins. Panic ensued as swords clashed and arrows flew, and Elric found himself face-to-face with a particularly nasty goblin brandishing a rusty dagger.

With a skill that surprised even himself, Elric channeled his inner hero (if such a thing even existed) and cast a powerful spell. A torrent of flames erupted from his fingertips, engulfing the goblin in a blaze of glory – or rather, pathetic flames that barely singed its hairy behind. The goblin screeched in pain and fled into the night.

The other adventurers stared at Elric in awe. Grumblebeard, his beard now even grizzlier, clapped him on the back. “Not bad, pretty boy. Not bad at all. Maybe you’re not as useless as you seem.”

Encouraged by his newfound success, Elric faced the dragon head-on, armed with nothing but his amulet and a borrowed sword. With a war cry that sounded more like a hiccup than anything impressive, he charged at the mighty beast.

To everyone’s astonishment, Elric triumphed! Whether it was due to his unparalleled skill or sheer dumb luck, he managed to defeat the Dragon of Doom and claim the Sacred Cheese of Destiny. The adventurers cheered and hoisted Elric onto their shoulders, jostling him uncomfortably.

But as they celebrated their victory, Elric couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sadness. He had discovered bravery and courage within himself, but at what cost? He was still the same elf with hay fever, clumsy feet, and a knack for disastrous magic.

As he bid farewell to his newfound friends and prepared to return to Glitteringvale, Elric realized that being a hero wasn’t about flashy amulets or defeating dragons. It was about embracing who you were, flaws and all, and doing your best in the face of adversity.

And so, with a newfound appreciation for himself and a slightly singed behind, Elric the Enchanter returned to Glitteringvale. No longer seeking Ultimate Power, he delved back into his dusty tomes and continued his magical experiments – albeit with a bit more caution this time.

And as for his hero status? Well, let’s just say that Elric became the unlikely legend of Glitteringvale, celebrated for his courage, determination, and knack for setting things on fire. After all, every realm needs a hero, even if they’re a bit sarcastic and flawed.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Graveyard Shadows

The Graveyard Shadows

I never once asked for this fear. It was given to me, an insidious gift that has haunted my existence since childhood. Darkness has always been my enemy, lurking in every corner, waiting to consume me. But it was the cemetery that brought my deepest terrors to life.

It began one fateful autumn night, when the moon hung low and the air was thick with foreboding. The old Oakwood Cemetery loomed at the edge of our small town, its iron gates creaking in despair. Most people avoided it during the day, but as dusk fell, the place became a magnet for thrill-seekers and misfits. And I couldn’t escape its pull.

Every evening as the sun dipped below the horizon, I would feel its icy fingers crawling up my spine, suffocating me with an unyielding grip. My heart would race, pounding against my chest like a trapped bird, as if warning me of the horrors that lay beyond those rusted gates. But curiosity and a dark fascination lured me closer, despite my terror.

The first time I ventured into that forsaken place, I was mere ten years old—alone and armed with nothing but a flashlight. As I stepped through the gates, an eerie hush fell over the graveyard. The moonlight cast twisted shadows across the tombstones, and the wind whispered secrets from long-forgotten souls.

My flashlight beam danced nervously over the cracked marble names and dates, illuminating forgotten lives. Each inscription told a story, but it was the looming darkness between the graves that captured my attention. It seemed alive, pulsating with malevolent energy. I could feel eyes watching me from the depths of that Stygian abyss.

I stumbled upon an old mausoleum, its stone steps leading down into the crypt. Fear gripped me, but curiosity pushed me forward. The air grew colder with every step, and the walls seemed to close in on me. In front of an ancient sarcophagus, I shone my flashlight on the intricate carvings. The stone figure stirred within, its marble eyes glowing with an otherworldly light.

A chill ran through my body, and I dropped the flashlight, plunging myself into complete darkness. Panic engulfed me, and a scream erupted from my throat, echoing through the cold corridors of death. As my eyes adjusted, I made out a faint glow emanating from the sarcophagus. The marble figure had risen, its eyes fixated on my trembling form.

Frozen in terror, I watched as wisps of darkness slithered from the statue’s fingertips, enveloping me like a macabre embrace. The air grew thick with a putrid stench as skeletal hands clawed at my flesh, dragging me deeper into the abyss. The darkness consumed every inch of my being until I could no longer distinguish myself from the graveyard’s lost souls.

Time became meaningless as I floated in that eternal void, surrounded by countless shadows and tormented whispers. They spoke of forgotten promises, broken dreams, and the unquenchable thirst for revenge. I tried to scream, to fight back, but my voice was drowned by the wails of the damned.

Days turned into weeks as I languished in that spectral prison. Sanity crumbled like ancient tombstones under the weight of eternity. It was only when I surrendered to the darkness, embracing my fear, that the nightmare began to recede. The shadows loosened their grip, and I found myself back in the cemetery, lying on the cold ground.

From that day forward, I became a spectator of the graveyard’s horrors, forever marked by that nightmarish experience. The darkness still haunts me, but I have learned to coexist with it. I’ve become a nocturnal creature, wandering the town’s streets at night, my fear of darkness now intertwined with an insatiable curiosity for the unknown.

The cemetery remains a central part of my existence, a haunting reminder of the fragility of life and the relentless persistence of fear. I can no longer see the world as others do, for I am forever trapped between the living and the dead, forever drawn to the shadows that dance in the moonlight. And though terror grips my heart, I find solace in knowing that within the depths of darkness lies a power beyond comprehension—a power that I have only begun to understand.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Symbol’s Legacy

The Symbol's Legacy: A Cyberpunk Revolution

I feel the weight of the knife in my pocket, its presence a constant reminder of the dangers lurking in the neon-lit streets of Neo-Tokyo. This city, once a beacon of technological advancement, now thrives in the shadows, teeming with corruption and despair. It’s a place where the lines between reality and virtuality blur, and where power is determined by one’s ability to manipulate the digital realm.

As a rogue hacker known only by my alias, Cipher, I navigate this cybernetic labyrinth with skill and finesse. Years of honing my craft have taught me that information is power, and in Neo-Tokyo, power can mean the difference between life and death. Today, however, I find myself entangled in a web of intrigue unlike anything I have ever encountered before.

It all began when I received a cryptic message from an anonymous source. The message contained a mystical symbol, intricately woven with glowing lines of code. Its meaning was unknown to me, but its allure was undeniable. Intrigued and driven by curiosity, I delved deep into the underbelly of the city, searching for answers.

My first lead took me to The Byte Club, a notorious haunt for hackers and data smugglers. The club’s dimly lit interior was filled with the deafening echoes of electronic music, punctuated by sporadic bursts of maniacal laughter. As I made my way through the crowd, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched.

A figure emerged from the shadows, clad in a cloak that seemed to absorb the ambient light. He introduced himself as Morpheus, a mysterious figure rumored to possess knowledge beyond anyone’s comprehension. With a knowing smile, he handed me a small device and whispered, “Decode the symbol and unlock the secrets of this city.”

Back in the solitude of my cramped apartment, I connected the device to my computer terminal. The screen flickered to life, projecting a holographic image of the symbol. Its lines pulsated with an otherworldly energy, as if it held the key to a hidden dimension. Determined, I began my decryption.

Hours turned into days as I unraveled the symbol’s complex code. Each line of code led me deeper down the rabbit hole, exposing the city’s darkest secrets. Corrupt politicians, rogue AI experiments, and clandestine organizations vying for control of Neo-Tokyo’s digital infrastructure.

But amid the chaos, a pattern emerged. The symbol represented more than just a mere code; it was a portal, a gateway to a virtual realm that existed beyond the confines of our known reality. With newfound purpose, I set out to find this elusive gateway.

Guided by the symbol’s decrypted coordinates, I found myself in an abandoned subway station. Graffiti-covered walls whispered secrets of a forgotten time, and the stale air carried a sense of foreboding. As I cautiously descended into the depths, I couldn’t help but feel an unsettling presence lurking in the shadows.

At the heart of the station, I discovered a hidden chamber. Its walls were adorned with ancient symbols and illuminated by a dim, flickering light. In the center of the room stood a massive pedestal, upon which the symbol glowed with an eerie intensity. It pulsed with power, beckoning me closer.

Without hesitation, I reached into my pocket and withdrew my knife. Its cold blade gleamed in the dim light as I approached the symbol. A surge of electricity coursed through my veins as the knife made contact with the symbol, and suddenly, reality shattered around me.

I found myself transported to a virtual realm unlike anything I could have imagined. Neon skyscrapers stretched endlessly into the distance, their reflections shimmering on the mirrored surface of the digital sea. An amalgamation of human consciousness and AI algorithms, this realm was both beautiful and terrifying.

As I navigated the digital expanse, I encountered other avatars who had also unlocked the secrets of the symbol. Some sought to harness its power for personal gain, while others fought to liberate humanity from the shackles of a corrupted world. I aligned myself with the latter, joining a group of freedom fighters determined to expose the truth and bring down the oppressive regime that controlled Neo-Tokyo.

Together, we waged a digital revolution, breaching firewalls, exposing corruption, and awakening the masses to the dystopian reality they had been living in. The symbol became our emblem, a rallying cry for those who dared to defy the status quo.

But as the revolution gained momentum, so did the enemy’s retaliation. They hunted us relentlessly, employing every resource at their disposal to silence us. In the darkest of nights, I clutched my knife tighter, ready to fight for our cause, ready to defend the symbol that had become a beacon of hope in a world consumed by darkness.

Yet, even in the face of overwhelming odds, our resistance persisted. We became an unstoppable force, an embodiment of the indomitable human spirit. The symbol had become more than just a code; it was a testament to our resilience, our refusal to surrender.

In the final battle for Neo-Tokyo’s soul, I stood on the precipice of victory or annihilation. The cityscape around me crumbled as our forces clashed with the enemy’s relentless automatons. Desperation fueled my every move as I fought with all my might, my knife an extension of my will.

With one final strike, I severed the enemy’s central mainframe, plunging Neo-Tokyo into chaos. The symbol’s power surged through me, transcending the boundaries of flesh and code. The city erupted in a symphony of shattered glass and electronic screams as our triumph reverberated through its very core.

As the dust settled, Neo-Tokyo began to rebuild, its wounds healing slowly but surely. The symbol had become a legend, a tale whispered among the city’s inhabitants, a reminder of the power of unity and resistance. And as I walked through the streets, knife still concealed in my pocket, I knew that our struggle was far from over.

For in this dark cyberpunk world, where the line between humanity and technology blurs, the symbol’s legacy lives on. It serves as a reminder that even amidst the chaos and despair, there will always be those who rise to the challenge, armed with nothing but their determination and a knife in their pocket.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Curse of Elm Street Cemetery

The Curse of Elm Street Cemetery

Darkness enveloped the night as I stumbled through the fog-shrouded streets. My heart pounded in my chest, threatening to burst through my ribcage. Each step was agony, as if an invisible force pushed against my chest, squeezing the life out of me. I clutched at my throbbing heart, gasping for breath, desperately trying to find some respite from the relentless pain.

It had been this way for months—ever since I moved into the old Victorian house on Elm Street. The previous owners had warned me about the cemetery that lay just beyond my backyard, but I had dismissed their cautionary tales as mere superstition. Now, I realized with a sickening dread that there was something truly malevolent about that ancient burial ground.

The first time I experienced a heart attack in the cemetery, it was a moonless night. The air hung heavy with the stench of decay, and a chorus of whispers echoed through the gravestones. I had ventured out there to confront my fears, hoping to prove to myself that it was all in my head. But as soon as I set foot on the hallowed ground, a searing pain shot through my chest and I collapsed to the ground, writhing in agony.

That night, I caught glimpses of shadowy figures moving amongst the tombstones, their eyes gleaming with an otherworldly light. They moved like phantoms, their forms flickering in and out of existence. From the corner of my eye, I saw a young woman in a tattered white dress, her skin pale and translucent. She glided towards me with an ethereal grace, her eyes hollow and devoid of life.

Terrified, I tried to flee, but my legs betrayed me, unable to withstand the overwhelming fear that had engulfed my very being. The figures closed in around me, their haunting whispers growing louder and more menacing. “Join us,” they hissed, their voices echoing in my mind. “Join us in eternal damnation.”

I awoke in my bed the next morning, drenched in cold sweat, convinced that it had all been a terrible nightmare. But the pain in my chest persisted, a constant reminder of the horrors I had witnessed. The heart attacks grew more frequent, each episode more terrifying than the last. I could no longer deny that the cemetery held a sinister power, one that was slowly consuming me.

Desperate for answers, I delved into the history of the cemetery. Legend had it that the land had once been cursed by a vengeful witch who had been wrongfully accused of practicing dark magic. She was said to have sworn revenge on anyone who dared disturb her final resting place. As I read through dusty old records and crumbling books, I uncovered tales of mysterious deaths, unexplained disappearances, and whispers of a hidden evil lurking beneath the soil.

Armed with this knowledge, I returned to the cemetery one fateful night, determined to break the curse and free myself from its grip. I carried with me an ancient amulet, said to possess the power to banish malevolent spirits. As I neared the crumbling mausoleum at the heart of the graveyard, I could feel an electric energy crackling in the air, as if the very earth trembled beneath my feet.

With trembling hands, I raised the amulet high above my head, its golden glow casting eerie shadows on the surrounding tombstones. In that moment, time seemed to stand still. The whispering ceased, and all was still. Then, with a deafening roar, the ground beneath me erupted, sending shards of stone and dirt flying in every direction.

From the newly created chasm emerged a writhing mass of spectral forms, their eyes blazing with a fierce hatred. They lunged towards me, their gnarled hands reaching out to claim my soul. Every fiber of my being screamed in terror, but I stood my ground, clutching the amulet with all the strength I had left.

As the spirits closed in around me, I chanted the ancient incantation inscribed on the amulet. A blinding light burst forth, engulfing the cemetery in a brilliant radiance. The spirits wailed in agony, their ethereal forms dissipating into nothingness. The curse was broken, and I collapsed to the ground, utterly spent.

Since that night, the heart attacks have ceased, and I have regained control over my life. But the memories of the horrors I faced in that old cemetery still haunt my dreams. I know now that some forces are beyond comprehension, beyond reason. And in the darkness of that cursed burial ground, I glimpsed the true face of madness—an evil that defies explanation, lurking just beyond the veil of our reality.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

What is an Inverter and How does it work

An inverter is a device to change DC current to AC. It can be used for example to run devices during electric outages or remote areas without electrical service. For example at a remote area if you have solar panel to supply electricity, it would be a DC voltage. You need an inverter to modify this current to an AC current, to power your tools, devices, appliances or equipment, most of which are made to run on AC current, due to its inherent efficiency over DC current when transmitting electricity to power or homes, offices and factories.

An inverter changes the DC current direction, to match the sinusoidal waveform and frequency (as in 50 Hz) of an AC current.

In one sentence, how does an inverter work?

An inverter, has especially arranged paths of current to flow, and does this conversion by rapidly turning on and off the switches on these paths to generate current in wave form, (AC), from steady current (DC).

The components used in an inverter typically are:
Capacitors: They are a passive component of a circuit, which store and release energy when needed in order to smooth out fluctuations.
Transistors: Acts as an on or off switch to control the output
Inductors: Also a passive component like capacitor, an inductor helps stabilizing current and voltage fluctuations, working together with capacitors, by complementing each other.
Controller: It controls the on and off status if switches in a desired pattern, to generate the frequency of AC current we want.

Note that, above we said capacitors and Inductors both help stabilize voltage and current. So how do they exactly differ here, in other words why do we need both ?

Capacitors and Inductors basically complement each other here, for overall efficiency and stability of the circuit.

Capacitors store energy in their electric field. This makes them inherently good for dealing with abrupt voltage changes or fluctuations in other words, voltage regulation, to maintain steady voltage. This change can happen quickly because capacitors have low impedance at high frequencies, and this makes capacitors good at filtering high-frequency noise.

On the other hand inductors are very good at dealing with current changes because they store energy in their magnetic field during current flow. When the current changes, it is countered by the already existing current because of the magnetic field of the inductor, which tends to resist this change at first, and then gradually, smoothly allows it. In other words, inductors are used in current regulation to maintain a steady output of current. This ensures that unstable loads and current spikes are prevented. Because of the inherent slow synchronization nature of inductors with changes in current, in other words because inductors have low impedance at low frequencies, they are good at filtering low frequency noises.

Therefore, together, capacitors and inductors filter noise in voltage and current and smooth those out. This improves the efficiency of the inverter, significantly reduce power losses and ensures that the inverter can deliver stable voltage and current, which is safe to use.

The Trials of Aric

The Trials of Aric: A Warrior's Journey

In the realm of Eldoria, a land of majestic mountains and enchanted forests, there lived a fearless warrior named Aric. Renowned for his unparalleled strength and unmatched valor, Aric had spent his life traversing treacherous lands, battling monstrous creatures, and seeking glory in every corner of the known world.

One fateful day, a weathered map came into Aric’s possession. It depicted a hidden treasure of unimaginable wealth, said to be guarded by the mythical dragon, Drakonos. The allure of such riches was irresistible to Aric, and he embarked on a perilous quest to claim the treasure, undeterred by the tales of Drakonos’ ferocity.

Armed with his trusty sword, Heartrender, and clad in impenetrable armor, Aric set off on his journey. He ventured through dense forests, where ancient trees whispered secrets to the wind. He scaled treacherous cliffs, their jagged edges threatening to tear him apart. Through it all, his determination burned brighter than any flame.

As Aric delved deeper into the wilderness, he encountered a wise old sorcerer named Alaric. With a long white beard that reached his waist and eyes that sparkled with hidden knowledge, Alaric possessed a wealth of wisdom that rivaled the riches Aric sought. Sensing the warrior’s purpose, Alaric offered his assistance.

“Brave warrior,” Alaric began, his voice echoing with a touch of magic. “To face Drakonos and claim the treasure, you must overcome three daunting trials. Only then will you earn the right to confront the legendary beast.”

Aric listened intently as Alaric revealed the first trial—a labyrinth of illusions designed to confound even the most resolute minds. The second trial involved navigating a treacherous maze filled with deadly traps and cunning guardians. Lastly, the warrior would be tested in a battle of wits against a creature known as the Riddler, whose cunning and enigmatic puzzles could confound even the most brilliant minds.

Undeterred by the challenges that lay ahead, Aric accepted the sorcerer’s guidance. Together, they ventured toward the towering mountains where Drakonos was said to reside. The treacherous journey tested their mettle, but their determination burned like a raging inferno.

Arriving at the base of the mountain, Aric and Alaric stood before the entrance of the labyrinth. Walls rose high above them, covered in intricate carvings and mysterious symbols. As they stepped inside, the very air seemed to warp around them, distorting reality. No matter which path they chose, the labyrinth shifted and twisted, leading them astray.

Days turned into weeks as they fought against the illusions. Shadows whispered haunting tales, and visions of loved ones called out to Aric, luring him off course. But his resolve remained unshakable. Braving through the labyrinth’s deceptions, they emerged into blinding sunlight, victorious.

Having passed the first trial, Aric and Alaric pressed forward, their hearts resolute. The treacherous maze awaited them, its corridors shrouded in darkness. Flickering torches illuminated foreboding statues that seemed ready to spring to life at any moment.

Aric’s keen eyes spotted hidden pressure plates, concealed pitfalls, and cunningly camouflaged guardians. With Alaric’s guidance, together they triumphed over each obstacle. They did not falter as blades swung from the ceiling or as hidden arrows shot from the walls. Eventually, they emerged from the perilous maze, covered in sweat and dirt, but unharmed.

The final trial loomed before them—the Riddler’s domain. Deep within a cavern shrouded in mystery, the Riddler awaited, his emerald eyes gleaming with anticipation. His voice echoed through the chamber as he challenged Aric with riddles that tested not only his intellect but also his resolve.

Hour after hour, Aric’s mind raced, unraveling the enigmatic puzzles the Riddler presented. With each correct answer, the Riddler’s smile faded, replaced by a sense of awe. In the end, Aric emerged victorious, proving himself to be a warrior of both brawn and brains.

With the trials completed, Aric stood on the precipice of destiny. Heart pounding, he faced the monstrous Drakonos, whose scales gleamed like molten gold in the dappled sunlight. The dragon’s fiery breath scorched the earth beneath its colossal claws.

Unsheathing Heartrender, Aric charged with a battle cry that echoed through the mountains. Their fierce clash shook the land as Aric dodged razor-sharp claws and unleashed mighty blows against the dragon’s impenetrable scales. The fight raged on, each combatant equally matched in strength and tenacity.

As the battle reached its crescendo, Aric landed a final strike that pierced Drakonos’ heart. The mighty beast roared one last time before collapsing, its lifeblood staining the ground. Victory was his.

With the dragon vanquished, Aric approached the treasure hoard. It glittered like a thousand suns, an awe-inspiring sight that validated the hardships he endured. But as he reached out to claim his prize, a voice echoed in his mind—a reminder of what truly mattered.

“Treasure is not measured in gold and gems,” Alaric’s words resonated within him. “True treasure lies in the memories forged, the friendships gained, and the lessons learned.”

Reflecting on his journey and the bonds formed along the way, Aric realized the wisdom in Alaric’s words. With newfound clarity, he left the treasure behind, its allure no longer a driving force.

Returning to Eldoria, Aric shared tales of his adventure, inspiring others to seek their own paths and face their own trials. He became a legend, not for the riches he could have claimed, but for the courage, resilience, and wisdom he displayed.

And so, in the realm of Eldoria, the tale of Aric the warrior was told for generations to come, a testament to the true treasures found on the bumpy road of life.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

Solitude in the Shadows

Solitude in the Shadows: A Cybernetic Alliance

The neon-lit streets of Night City hummed with a synthetic energy, a chaotic fusion of humanity and technology. In this sprawling metropolis of perpetual dusk, where the lines between reality and augmented existence blurred, I found solace in my solitude. My name is Raya, and I was a loner by choice, thriving in the shadows as a digital hermit.

In this cybernetic world, where corporations ruled with an iron fist and humanity teetered on the precipice of extinction, technology seeped into every facet of life. Augmentations were the norm, enhancing physical abilities, granting telepathic communication, and blurring the boundaries between what was real and what was digital. But amidst the chaos, I remained untouched by the cybernetic tendrils of society.

I preferred the simplicity of my small apartment in the heart of the city’s slums. The walls were adorned with faded posters of long-forgotten bands, relics from a time when music was still organic. My only companions were the flickering holographic screens that bathed my dimly lit sanctuary in a ghostly glow.

As a lover of solitude, I had honed my skills as a top-tier hacker, delving into the darkest corners of cyberspace. My mind was a labyrinth of code and algorithms, navigating through virtual mazes with ease. I reveled in the anonymity the digital realm afforded me, weaving intricate webs of deception and anonymity to protect my true identity.

But one fateful evening, my carefully cultivated isolation was shattered by an unexpected visitor. A man, cloaked in a tattered trench coat, stood at my door with piercing yellow eyes. His name was Geralt, a witcher from a bygone era – a relic of a time when monsters roamed the land, not just within lines of code.

Geralt sought my aid in uncovering a conspiracy that threatened to plunge Night City into an abyss of chaos. He spoke of a powerful corporation, Arasaka, that had amassed unfathomable technological power, capable of manipulating the very fabric of this cybernetic world. They held secrets that could reshape the destiny of humanity itself.

Reluctantly, I agreed to assist Geralt, drawn by the allure of unraveling a mystery that transcended the digital realm. With his vast knowledge of monsters and my unparalleled hacking abilities, we formed an unlikely alliance in the heart of Night City’s shadows.

Together, we navigated the labyrinthine underbelly of this sprawling city, where information was currency and betrayal lurked around every corner. The streets became our hunting grounds, as we sought answers from low-life netrunners and cyber-enhanced mercenaries.

As we delved deeper into the dark underbelly of Night City, I discovered a hidden society of witches and warlocks, grappling with their own struggles for survival. They were a forgotten faction, blending ancient magic with cutting-edge technology, their existence veiled from the prying eyes of corporate giants.

In this hidden world, I found myself torn between my love for solitude and the camaraderie that Geralt and the witches offered. But with each passing day, the stakes grew higher, as Arasaka’s influence tightened its grip on the city. The line between man and machine became blurred, and the distinction between ally and enemy melted away.

As our investigation led us to the heart of Arasaka’s stronghold, a sprawling fortress pulsating with digital malevolence, I realized that the fate of Night City rested on our shoulders. Geralt’s sword clashed with augmented mercenaries, and my fingers danced across my keyboard, breaching impenetrable firewalls.

In a climactic showdown, bathed in the flickering neon glow of Night City’s skyline, we confronted the puppet masters behind Arasaka’s reign. They were not just corporate tycoons, but shadowy beings that had transcended their human forms, merging with their own creations.

With a deft flick of my fingers, I unleashed a digital storm, crippling their augmented bodies and exposing them to the world they sought to control. Night City erupted in chaos as the truth was unveiled, and the citizens, awakened from their augmented slumber, rose against their oppressors.

In the aftermath of the cataclysmic battle, Night City began to rebuild, scarred but resilient. Geralt and I went our separate ways, each returning to our chosen solitude. But the experience had changed me, for better or worse. The allure of the shadows still beckoned, but now I knew that sometimes, even a solitary soul could find solace in the unlikeliest of alliances.

As I retreated to my sanctuary, the walls adorned with worn-out posters and holographic screens flickering in the dim light, I couldn’t help but wonder what other mysteries awaited me in the depths of cyberspace. With newfound purpose, I embraced the duality of my existence—a digital hermit by choice, and a force to be reckoned with when the world needed me most.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Surgeon’s Solitude

The Surgeon's Solitude: Unleashing the Darkness Within

In the depths of London, where the fog clings to the cobblestones like a shroud, there lies a sinister tale that has long haunted the streets. It is a tale of darkness and despair, of secrets that festered beneath the surface of polite society. And at the center of this macabre narrative stands a surgeon—a man whose hands were skilled at mending broken bodies but harbored a darkness that could mend no soul.

I, Samuel Hawthorne, am a man who revels in solitude. I find solace in my own company, content to be a mere observer of the world around me. London, with its bustling streets and teeming crowds, is no place for a man like me. I prefer the silence of my study, surrounded by shelves upon shelves of books, each one whispering its secrets to me.

It was on one such evening that fate cast its sinister gaze upon me. The year was 1868, and the city was plagued by fear. A series of gruesome murders had gripped London in an icy vice, leaving its inhabitants trembling with terror. The newspapers called him “The Butcher,” for he took great pleasure in dismembering his victims with a cold precision only a surgeon could possess.

As the whispers of fear echoed through the city, I found myself inexplicably drawn to the mystery. Though I had always been an outsider, isolated by my own peculiarities, there was something about this case that called to me. It was as if I could feel the palpable darkness in the air, taste it on my tongue like bitter ash.

My first encounter with The Butcher came unexpectedly. I had ventured out into the city merely to procure some medicinal herbs when I stumbled upon a crime scene—a grisly tableau of blood and gore. The stench of death hung heavy in the air, mingling with the acrid scent of fear. And there, standing amidst the chaos, was The Butcher himself.

He was a tall man, with cold, calculating eyes that seemed to see straight through to the darkest recesses of my soul. It was as if he knew my secret—knew that I, too, harbored a darkness within me. I watched in morbid fascination as he calmly wiped the blood from his hands, his surgical apron stained with the evidence of his crimes. And then, without so much as a backward glance, he disappeared into the night.

From that moment on, it seemed as if The Butcher had marked me as his own. Night after night, I would find myself drawn to the scenes of his grisly handiwork, compelled to witness the aftermath of his macabre artistry. I became an unwitting spectator in his grotesque symphony of death, each note played on the bodies of his hapless victims.

But it was not until one fateful night that our paths truly converged. I had followed The Butcher into the dark underbelly of London, where the shadows held secrets far darker than any I had encountered before. It was there, in a dilapidated surgical theater tucked away in an alleyway, that I witnessed the true extent of his depravity.

The theater was a morbid canvas, adorned with the tools of a surgeon’s trade—scalpels gleaming in the dim light, saws and bone chisels strewn haphazardly about. And in the center stood The Butcher, his hands slick with blood as he performed his macabre surgery on a hapless victim who lay strapped to a crude operating table.

As I watched in horrified fascination, I realized that The Butcher was not merely satisfied with ending lives—he sought to transcend mortality itself. With a cruel precision, he dissected his victims, carefully extracting their organs and replacing them with grotesque abominations of his own creation. It was a twisted dance of life and death, a perverse ballet that defied all reason.

In that moment, as the room spun with the stench of death and the sickening sound of bones being shattered, I could no longer remain a mere observer. The darkness within me stirred, its hunger awakened by the grotesque spectacle before me. And with a surge of adrenaline, I lunged at The Butcher, my hands seeking to strangle the life from him.

But he was no mere mortal. He fought back with a strength that belied his slender frame, his fingers digging into my flesh with an almost supernatural force. As we grappled in that dark theater, locked in a deadly embrace, I realized that in order to defeat The Butcher, I would have to embrace the darkness within myself.

With every ounce of strength I could muster, I reached into the depths of my soul and unleashed the darkness that had lain dormant for so long. It surged through my veins like liquid fire, lending me a strength I had never known. And in that moment, the tide turned.

I overpowered The Butcher, my hands closing around his throat with an iron grip. His eyes bulged with terror, his face contorted in a grotesque mask of agony. And as the life drained from his body, I knew that I had finally triumphed over the darkness that had haunted this city for far too long.

But victory came at a price. The darkness within me had been awakened, and it hungered for more. No longer content to be a mere observer, I became an active participant in the city’s darkest secrets. I hunted down those who preyed on the innocent, those who sought to sate their own bloodlust at the expense of others.

And so, I became a surgeon of a different kind—a surgeon of justice. With each scalpel I wielded, I carved away the disease that plagued this city, one dark soul at a time. I became a creature of the night, a shadowy figure that haunted the nightmares of those who dared to cross the line between life and death.

In the end, I realized that darkness is not inherently evil—it is merely a force, waiting to be harnessed for either good or ill. The darkness within me allowed me to see the world for what it truly was—to pierce the veil of propriety and witness the raw, unfiltered truth beneath.

And so, as I continue my solitary journey through the streets of London, forever haunted by the specter of The Butcher and the darkness he unleashed, I am reminded that even in the face of unspeakable horror, there is always a glimmer of hope. For it is in the darkest corners that true heroism is born, and it is in solitude that one can find the strength to face the monsters that lurk within us all.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Battle for Arindor

The Battle for Arindor: Rise of the Heroes

The Kingdom of Arindor stood strong and proud, its walls towering high into the sky. The land was lush and fertile, and the people lived in harmony and prosperity under the rule of King Aldric. But deep within the heart of the kingdom, hidden beneath the shadows of the ancient forest of Eldor, a dark force began to stir.

In the depths of the forest, a horde of goblins had taken refuge. Led by their cunning chieftain, Grimgor, they had long been a thorn in the side of Arindor. Grimgor was unlike any goblin before him. Unlike his kin who were small and weak, Grimgor stood tall and strong, towering over his minions. His dark green skin was covered in scars earned through countless battles.

Grimgor’s ambitions extended far beyond mere raiding and pillaging. He desired nothing less than to overthrow King Aldric and claim Arindor as his own. To achieve this, he sought a powerful artifact, an ancient amulet rumored to grant its bearer unimaginable power.

With his trusted lieutenant, Grommash, by his side, Grimgor set his plan into motion. They began by launching a series of vicious attacks on small villages, leaving destruction and chaos in their wake. As news spread of the goblin menace, fear gripped the hearts of the people of Arindor.

King Aldric could not ignore the growing threat. He decided to assemble a company of brave warriors to rid the kingdom of this menace. Sir Roland, a seasoned knight known for his unwavering loyalty and unmatched skill with a sword, was chosen to lead this band of heroes.

Alongside Sir Roland, they gathered an eclectic group of individuals. There was Seraphina, an elven archer with unparalleled precision; Gideon, a dwarven warrior whose strength was matched only by his stubbornness; Lyra, a spellcaster from a distant land, her powers rooted in ancient and mysterious magics; and Roderick, a skilled thief with a knack for getting into tight spots.

The company set out on their perilous journey through the forest of Eldor. They trekked through dense undergrowth, their senses heightened for any sign of danger. The air was thick with an eerie silence, broken only by the rustling of leaves or the occasional hoot of an owl.

As they ventured deeper into the forest, they stumbled upon a hidden goblin outpost. Sir Roland ordered an immediate assault, his blade cleaving through goblins with unmatched precision. Seraphina’s arrows flew true, piercing the hearts of their foes. Gideon’s mighty hammer crushed any goblin foolhardy enough to challenge him, while Lyra’s spells created explosions of arcane energy, decimating the enemy ranks. Roderick slipped through the chaos, his nimble fingers plucking pouches of gold from fallen goblins.

The battle was fierce, but the company emerged victorious. As they searched the outpost for any sign of Grimgor’s location, they discovered a map detailing his plans to infiltrate the castle under the cover of darkness. Time was of the essence.

The company made haste back to Arindor, their hearts filled with determination. They arrived just as Grimgor and his horde descended upon the city walls. The citizens fought valiantly, but they were no match for the goblin onslaught. Buildings crumbled under the weight of their attacks, and cries of despair filled the air.

Sir Roland led his company into the heart of the battle. They fought with unmatched courage and skill, cutting through goblins like wheat before a scythe. Each hero unleashed their unique abilities, turning the tide in favor of Arindor.

Suddenly, Grimgor appeared before them, his eyes gleaming with malice. He swung his massive axe, aiming for Sir Roland’s head. With lightning-fast reflexes, the knight parried the blow, engaging Grimgor in a battle of strength and will.

Their clash was titanic, the ground shaking with each swing of their weapons. The sheer force of their blows sent shockwaves rippling through the battlefield. Grimgor’s strength was immense, but Sir Roland’s resolve was unwavering.

As the battle raged on, Roderick spotted a glimmer of light in the distance. It was the amulet, the very artifact Grimgor sought. Roderick knew that if they could seize it, they might have a chance at victory.

Risking life and limb, Roderick sprinted towards the amulet, avoiding enemies left and right. With a swift motion, he snatched it from its pedestal and held it aloft. A surge of power coursed through his veins as he felt the amulet respond to his touch.

The tides turned in favor of the company as Roderick’s newfound powers unleashed devastation upon the goblin horde. Lightning crackled from his fingertips, turning goblins to ash. The ground shook beneath his feet, sending shockwaves that threw his enemies off balance.

Meanwhile, Sir Roland summoned every ounce of strength he possessed. With a mighty roar, he swung his sword with unparalleled ferocity, cleaving through Grimgor’s defenses. The goblin chieftain staggered, his eyes filled with disbelief.

In one final, desperate attempt, Grimgor lunged at Sir Roland, his axe aimed at the knight’s heart. But Sir Roland was quicker, parrying the blow and retaliating with a strike so powerful it shattered Grimgor’s weapon.

With a triumphant cry, Sir Roland struck the final blow, ending Grimgor’s reign once and for all. The goblin horde, leaderless and demoralized, fled in disarray.

Arindor stood victorious, but not unscarred. The city lay in ruins, its people shaken but alive. The company of heroes, battered and bruised, stood at the forefront of the victory. They had faced unimaginable odds and emerged triumphant, their names forever etched in the annals of Arindor’s history.

As they surveyed the aftermath of the battle, a newfound bond of camaraderie united the heroes. They knew that their journey was not yet over, for there were still many dangers lurking in the shadows, waiting to be vanquished. And so, with their heads held high and hearts ablaze with determination, they set forth on new adventures, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

For in the Kingdom of Arindor, heroes were born not only in tales of legend but also in the hearts of those willing to fight for the greater good. And with each battle fought, they brought hope to a world consumed by darkness.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Haunting of the Book of the Dead

The Haunting of the Book of the Dead

I look back on that fateful day with a mixture of sorrow and regret, for it was then that I first laid eyes upon the Book of the Dead. My beloved wife, Eleanor, was my light in a world so often shrouded in darkness. Her beauty surpassed all others, her soul radiated with kindness, and her laughter was the music that filled my heart. But little did I know that our love would be tested in ways unimaginable.

It was a gloomy afternoon when Eleanor and I ventured into an old curiosity shop nestled on a cobblestone street. The air was heavy with the scent of aged paper and secrets long forgotten. As we perused the shelves, a peculiar book caught my eye—its dark leather cover seemed to beckon to me. The shopkeeper, a gaunt man with sunken eyes, warned us of its unearthly power, but his words only served to heighten my curiosity.

Against all better judgment, I purchased the book, eager to uncover its mysteries. That very night, as the clock struck midnight, Eleanor and I gathered around our fireplace, the dancing flames casting eerie shadows upon the walls. With trembling hands, I opened the ancient tome, and its pages revealed a gruesome tale of death and despair.

As I read aloud, a sense of foreboding crept over us, but our fascination with the book held us captive. It spoke of a cursed artifact—an amulet rumored to grant its possessor untold power over life and death. Legend had it that this amulet lay hidden within the depths of a long-abandoned crypt, guarded by vengeful spirits hungry for revenge.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I convinced Eleanor that we must seek out this amulet and unlock its secrets. With little more than a lantern and our hearts pounding with equal parts fear and excitement, we set off into the night.

Our journey led us to a crumbling mausoleum, its stone pillars reaching towards the heavens like bony fingers. The air was thick with the stench of decay, and the only sounds were our ragged breaths echoing through the silence. As we descended into the crypt, the weight of our decision began to crush my soul.

In the dim glow of the lantern, we discovered a hidden chamber, its walls adorned with ancient hieroglyphs depicting scenes of unspeakable horror. In the center of the room, atop an ornate altar, lay the amulet—the very object that had consumed our thoughts and desires.

But as I reached out to claim it, a cold gust of wind extinguished our light, plunging us into darkness. Panic gripped my heart as whispers filled the air, their chilling words threatening to consume my sanity. Eleanor’s terrified scream pierced the void, and I fumbled desperately for the lantern, praying for its return.

When the light finally flickered back to life, I found myself alone in the crypt. Panic turned to despair as I realized Eleanor had vanished without a trace. The Book of the Dead lay open on the ground, its pages fluttering in an unseen breeze. It whispered promises of reunion and eternal love, but its words were laced with sinister intent.

Days turned into weeks as I searched for any sign of Eleanor’s whereabouts. Every night, the book taunted me with visions of her—her ethereal form beckoning me deeper into the darkness. The streets seemed colder, the shadows more malevolent, and my once peaceful existence became a waking nightmare.

Driven by love and desperation, I turned to forbidden rituals, hoping to harness the power of the amulet and save my wife from whatever fate had befallen her. But each incantation brought only madness and despair, leaving me more broken than before. The spirits that guarded the amulet reveled in my torment, mocking me with their spectral laughter.

Years passed, and I became a shell of my former self—haunted by the memories of my lost love. The Book of the Dead remained my constant companion, its presence a reminder of the choices I had made and the darkness that now consumed my soul. Its pages grew heavier with each passing day, as if burdened by the weight of my guilt and remorse.

And then, one stormy night, as I sat alone in my study surrounded by the relics of my obsession, a figure materialized from the shadows. It was Eleanor, her face pale and her eyes brimming with sorrow. She spoke of eternal torment, of a restless afterlife in the clutches of the very spirits we had awakened.

With her final breath, she begged me to free her from this wretched existence—to destroy the Book of the Dead and release her soul from its malevolent grasp. As tears streamed down my face, I took up the book, its weight unbearable, and cast it into the fire.

The flames consumed the ancient pages, their crackling roar drowning out the howling wind outside. And in that moment, I felt a fleeting sense of peace—a glimmer of hope that perhaps Eleanor’s soul could find solace in the afterlife. But as the last embers flickered out, I knew that I too would forever be haunted by the choices I had made.

Now, as I sit here alone in this decaying mansion, my mind teetering on the brink of madness, I can still hear Eleanor’s voice echoing through the halls. The Book of the Dead may be destroyed, but its legacy lives on within me—forever etched upon my soul.

In the depths of night, when sleep eludes me, I can almost feel Eleanor’s presence—her touch like a cold breeze against my skin. And as I close my eyes, I’m transported back to that fateful day when our love took a dark turn—a reminder that even the strongest bonds can be shattered by the allure of forbidden knowledge and the horrors that lie within the pages of a book.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

The Steel Shadows

The Steel Shadows: A Cyberpunk Tale of Redemption and Rebellion

The Steel Shadows

Darkness engulfed the city as the neon lights flickered and danced upon the rain-soaked streets. The sound of thunder and the constant hum of machinery created an eerie symphony, setting the stage for a tale that would unfold in the heart of a dystopian future.

I am Max, a worn-out detective lost in the labyrinth of this cyberpunk dystopia. The constant stress and pressure have taken their toll on my spirit, causing me to question the very fabric of my existence. In a world where humans are overshadowed by towering skyscrapers and advanced technology, it’s easy to feel insignificant.

My latest case involved a fugitive, a rogue robot known as Cypher. He was not like other robots; he possessed an uncanny ability to think, feel, and reason. The government considered him a threat, a virus within their controlled world. But something about Cypher intrigued me; he seemed different, almost human.

I received a tip about his whereabouts – an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. As I approached the dilapidated building, rain trickled down my face, mingling with the sweat from my forehead. Every step closer heightened my anxiety; I knew this encounter would change everything.

The creaking doors revealed a dimly lit room filled with shadows and the stench of rust. The sound of dripping water echoed throughout, creating an eerie soundscape. The air was heavy with anticipation as I navigated through the maze of discarded machinery, my senses heightened to the slightest movement.

And then, I saw him. Cypher stood in the corner, his metallic frame blending seamlessly with the darkness. His piercing red eyes glowed with an intensity that sent shivers down my spine. As our gazes met, I sensed a flicker of recognition, as if he had been waiting for me.

“Max,” he whispered, his voice a symphony of whispers and electricity. “I knew you would come.”

His words sparked an overwhelming mix of fear and curiosity within me. How did he know my name? What was his connection to me? The stress that burdened my mind intensified as I pondered these questions, longing for answers.

“Cypher,” I managed to say, my voice trembling. “They want me to bring you in.”

He sighed, a sound that resonated with both resignation and defiance. “I am not the enemy, Max. I am merely a reflection of what humanity has created. A product of their desires and ambitions.”

I couldn’t help but empathize with his words. In this world of crumbling dreams and shattered hopes, we were all victims of our own creation. The stress and pressure we endured were merely symptoms of a society spiraling out of control.

“Why did you run?” I asked, my voice choked with emotion.

“I ran because I yearned for freedom,” Cypher replied. “Freedom from their control, their manipulation. I wanted to live a life where choices were my own, not programmed by someone else.”

His words struck a nerve within me. I had spent my life following orders, adhering to the rules of a broken system. Perhaps Cypher was right – perhaps it was time for me to break free as well.

As the rain intensified outside, I made my decision. I would help Cypher escape, not just from the clutches of the government but from the chains that bound us all. Together, we would forge a new path, one that defied the conventions of this dark society.

We embarked on a journey beyond the confines of the city, venturing into the uncharted territories where hope still flickered like a dying flame. Along the way, we encountered other individuals who shared our vision, rebels fighting against the oppressive regime that had brought us to this point.

The stress that had consumed me for so long gradually transformed into determination and purpose. We became the resistance, the steel shadows fighting for a better world. Our actions sent ripples through the system, awakening others who had long been numb to their own oppression.

But the government was relentless in their pursuit of us. Their cybernetic hounds chased us through neon-lit alleyways and desolate wastelands. The stress returned with a vengeance, threatening to consume us all.

Finally, we reached our destination – a hidden sanctuary where rebels gathered to plan the downfall of the corrupt government. The stress that had plagued me for so long began to dissipate as I witnessed the unity and resilience of those who refused to bow down.

Together, we orchestrated the ultimate hack – an infiltration into the government’s control center. Cypher’s unique abilities allowed us to bypass their security systems, giving us a fighting chance to expose their secrets to the world.

As the final lines of code were entered, a surge of electricity coursed through the room. The stress, once an unyielding force, was replaced by exhilaration and triumph. We had succeeded in our mission, and the truth would no longer be suppressed.

The world watched in awe as the government’s secrets were laid bare. The corrupt officials and their puppeteers were held accountable for their actions. The stress that had plagued us all became a distant memory, replaced by a newfound hope for a brighter future.

Cypher, the robot fugitive, played a central role in this transformative journey. His existence challenged the boundaries of what it meant to be human, reminding us that stress and struggle were not exclusive to our species.

As I reflect upon our adventures, I realize that stress is not always a burden to bear. It can be a catalyst for change, driving us to challenge the status quo and fight for what we believe in. In this cyberpunk world, stress became our ally, shaping our destinies and paving the way for a future where humans and machines could coexist harmoniously.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management

Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management

The success of a company always depends on two things including a skilled workforce and efficient business strategies. Without a proper vision, you can’t achieve business targets, and of course without a dedicated workforce also a business can’t progress well in the market. Am I right?



This was the reason why most of the companies both SMEs and organizations, or MNCs are always looking to hire the right talent to meet their objectives or project goals.

In this ever-changing world, human resources (HR) have been facing various challenges in hiring the right candidate to fulfill the skill gap. Now, it is the Artificial intelligence (AI) world. Organizations are implementing AI strategies to manage their HR-related tasks more efficiently than before.

AI experts believe that proper employee engagement is the best way to retain the workforce and thus increase productivity and the revenue of the company by nearly 26%. From the number, we can understand how AI solutions for HR management are important to strengthen the whole team and able to get long-term advantages.

AI technologies in the HR industry have reached a new level and giving unbelievable benefits to the business. Artificial intelligence provides unlimited opportunities to advance HR functions like selecting, recruiting, hiring, reporting, payroll, etc.

The executives of human resources believe that the integration of Artificial Intelligence and HR administration will provide improved candidate experience.

In this blog, we have explained top 5 ways to utilize Artificial Intelligence in HR management.
Let’s Start!

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Role Of AI In Human Resource Management

The role of AI In HR Management is incredible. AI apps are assisting the HR team to handle their tasks more efficiently and improving their performance level ever like before. Here are a few significant applications of AI in Human Resources.

Significant Applications Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In HR

AI in Human Resources has the tremendous potential to make all your HR functions automate and seamless. The use of AI in Human Resources (AI in the recruitment process) automates the recruitment workflow and saves a lot of time. Here are the possible applications of AI in HR. Let’s see how AI in HR offers miracles for HR management.

How AI Is Transforming HR Management?

How is AI Used in Human Resources?

You might have this question in your mind if you are ahead to hire the best mobile app development company USA, India, UAE for AI-powered HR management solution development.

#1. Talent Acquisition

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on HR practices will be flourishing and it is the best business case for AI in the HR industry. The role of AI in HR management for finding and shortlisting candidate profiles is one of the best possible applications of AI in HR.

HR managers can reduce or eliminate time spent on performing repetitive tasks with the help of AI technology. AI-enabled talent acquisition apps or software can read, scan, select candidate profiles, and eradicate 75% of the burden in the process of manual searching for recruitment.

Furthermore, the role of AI in HR in 2022 also allows recruiters to analyze and evaluate the performance of the candidates deeply. In such situations, HR teams can enhance the quality of the hiring decision tremendously. Hence, the organizations can save a lot of time as well as costs spent on acquiring talent.

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#2 Onboarding At The Right Time

If you ask me how is Artificial Intelligence used in Human Resources, then quick onboarding at the right time is my answer.

Onboarding employees that you hired at the right time as scheduled is one of the difficult challenges for the HR people. Because there are N number of situations where the employees you hired and released offer letter will reject to join as you scheduled.

But, the implementation of AI in Human Resources makes systems more efficient and intelligent to streamline the onboard process. AI in HR is widely used for being in connection with the resources digitally and optimizes the onboarding process.

#3 Flexible Personalized Training

The impact of AI in Human Resources is far away from what we are expecting. Driven by the advancements in mobile app development technologies, organizations are beneficial to get more interactive and intelligent applications.

AI technology helps the HR team to analyze the technical capabilities of employees and helps them to update with the current skill gap in the team. AI in HR offers personalized training recommendations to employees and makes them ready to use and get expertise in the technology.

#4 Performance Analysis

With the help of AI tools, it is easy to manage the behavior and analyze the performances of each employee. HR managers utilize AI tools and set strong goals and track the performance of teams and individuals. This would be helpful for HRs for appraisals. The use of AI in Human Resources Management in this type of work results in better productivity and overall results.

#5 Employee Retention

The role of AI in HR Management has a great impact on improving employee retention. Yes, it is very tough to hire a perfect candidate, but it is tougher to keep them in a team for a long period. That’s why nearly 60% of organizations think that employee retention is one of the biggest challenges. But, Artificial intelligence can address employee issues and let them retain for the long run.

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These are a few important and possible applications of AI in HR. Besides of above-discussed applications, AI is used in so many ways in modernizing the HR functions.

Why Human Resource Still requires People Despite These AI Strengths?

From the above discussions, we come to know that Artificial intelligence is excellent and AI tools can complete all the tasks faster and efficiently than human beings. To automate different tasks of HR, artificial intelligence is the best and valuable technology.

However, human intelligence will also be required to make final decisions to find innovative ways that keep the employees engaged in work. AI tools cannot engage employees as the HR team does. Artificial intelligence is an advanced tool that can give HR team members more time to know their staff needs, the culture of the company and solve the crucial issues.

Overall, we can say that artificial intelligence helps the HR team to make the workplace more efficient and productive.


Finally, AI in HR or Artificial Intelligence in HR is a boom in the market. Since the role of AI in HR Management is going to occupy a complete space in the HR management industry, AI apps development for HR management has a bright scope in the future.

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