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A framework to improve air-ground robot navigation in complex occlusion-prone environments

Robotic systems have so far been primarily deployed in warehouses, airports, malls, offices, and other indoor environments, where they assist humans with basic manual tasks or answer simple queries. In the future, however, they could also be deployed in unknown and unmapped environments, where obstacles can easily occlude their sensors, increasing the risk of collisions.

What are the Key Camera Features of Warehouse Automation Drones?

Warehouse automation drones require advanced camera vision sensors and technologies to ensure performance. Enhancing the navigation accuracy and decision-making capabilities of drones can be achieved by incorporating appropriate camera features into their embedded systems.

New robot swims and jumps like a Chinese rice grasshopper

Biologist, materials scientist and bionics specialist Professor Stanislav N. Gorb and his team at Kiel University's Institute of Zoology are known for analyzing the spectacular abilities of animals and translating them into innovative technical applications. For example, they created robot grab arms based on the model of insects and a detachable adhesive film that works in a similar manner to the adhesive organs of insects, spiders and geckos.

Reshoring with robots – UK manufacturers can use automation to bring production back home

The advantages of all-electric injection moulding machines demonstrate how automation and robots can help manufacturers bring their operations back home to the UK. Reshoring can be achieved with cost- and energy-efficiency as well as productivity benefits.

Robotic face makes eye contact, uses AI to anticipate and replicate a person’s smile before it occurs

What would you do if you walked up to a robot with a human-like head and it smiled at you first? You'd likely smile back and perhaps feel the two of you were genuinely interacting. But how does a robot know how to do this? Or a better question, how does it know to get you to smile back?
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